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    The Dos and Don’ts of Video CallsWith more people than ever working from home, we’re pioneering thousands of new ways to embarrass ourselves.
  2. oops
    The Ticking Time Bomb of Old Slack PostsSlack is a popular business tool for trash-talking competitors. What happens when two companies merge?
  3. oops
    Accidentally Destroying My iPhone Really Put My Entire Life in PerspectiveIt literally hurts to swipe on my phone now.
  4. oops
    Trump Spoke in Front of a Parody Presidential Seal Altered to Mock HimThe fake seal references Russia and Trump’s golfing obsession, and no one at a conference for young conservatives seems to have noticed.
  5. oops
    Some People Couldn’t Turn on Their A/C When Google Went Down over the WeekendGoogle Cloud outages across the world over the weekend meant some users couldn’t unlock their doors or turn on their air conditioners.
  6. oops
    The Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Phone With the Folding Screen, Is MalfunctioningWho would’ve guessed that a folding screen would break at some point?
  7. oops
    #DeleteUber Cost Uber Hundreds of Thousands of UsersThe anti-Uber protest revealed a lot of negative sentiment toward the company, a liability as it plans to go public.
  8. dog in big fire: this is fines
    Facebook May Have Earned Itself a Billion-Dollar FineThe social network is reportedly in negotiations with the FTC.
  9. oops
    Apple Disables Facebook Apps Following News of Shady Research ProjectFacebook used its privileged iOS access to distribute a “research” app that could collect tons of sensitive data from consumers’ phones.
  10. oops
    Andrew Cuomo Can’t Decide Whether or Not America Is GreatThe New York governor said America “was never that great” this afternoon, then he walked it back.
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    Facebook Apologizes After Flagging Declaration of Independence As Hate SpeechThe phrase “Indian Savages” triggered Facebook’s monitoring system.
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    Samsung Phones Reportedly Go Rogue and Send Pictures to Random ContactsA worst nightmare for anybody who has ever taken a nude.
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    Twitter Blames ‘Beats by Dre’ Ad Barrage on ‘Minor Issue’An explanation for why you couldn’t escape LeBron James in that ‘Beats by Dre’ ad on Thursday.
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    Amazon Alexa Reportedly Secretly Recorded Conversation and Sent It to a RandoA family in Portland was horrified when a man in Seattle called and said he’d heard their private conversations.
  15. oops
    Iran Gains, Then Loses, Nuclear Weapons Program in White House ‘Clerical Error’The White House said Iran has, rather than had, a nuclear weapons program in what might be its most impressive typo yet.
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    Ever Record a Video on Facebook? Facebook Still Has It.Facebook quietly saved videos users filmed on the platform but never actually posted.
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    All the 37 Billion Ways Facebook Is Hurting Right NowFacebook has lost billions of dollars in value as the government gears up an investigation.
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    New York Times Issues Funny Correction After Chrome Extension GoofA lesson in making sure your “Millennials to Snake People” extension is turned off at work.
  19. oops
    Pence’s Anti-North Korea PR Campaign BombsThe vice-president’s icy disposition at the Olympics was no match for the thaw between South and North Korea.
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    Jessica Chastain Learns That Not All Emoji Look the Same on Different PlatformsThe Unicode Consortium comes for us all eventually.
  21. oops
    Fitness Data Map Shows Locations and Activity Patterns of Secret Military BasesService members are accidentally sharing a lot more than just their steps.
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    Yet Another Person Listens to GPS App and Drives Car Into LakeThe driver was using the Waze app, which prompted the driver to turn directly into Lake Champlain.
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    Governor Couldn’t Take Back Missile Alert Because He Forgot His Twitter PasswordGovernor David Ige admitted he didn’t know his password.
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    Japan Sends False Alert Over Impending North Korean Missile AttackThe mistake comes just days after a similar snafu in Hawaii.
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    This Is the Awful Design That Led Hawaii to Think It Was Getting NukedLooking at this system it’s almost surprising what happened in Hawaii didn’t happen sooner.
  26. oops
    The Dysfunction of the Democratic Party, Distilled in One TweetIt’s just one tweet. But, boy, does this tweet fail on multiple levels — and in revealing ways.
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    Apple Engineer Fired After Daughter Posts iPhone X VideoBrooke Amelia Peterson was having dinner in the Apple Cafeteria when her father showed her his review unit.
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    Jake Paul Wants to Make a Movie to Show People ‘Racism Is Terrible’The star was recently let go from his role on the Disney Channel after news broke that he’s terrorizing his L.A. neighborhood.
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    Guy Slams His Private Parts on a Rail Like a Dang CartoonWhoops!!!
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    Reddit ‘Red Pill’ Founder ‘Never Hated Women’A Republican lawmaker from New Hampshire comes under fire after it was discovered he founded a notoriously anti-woman subreddit.
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    Whose Phone Number Did Michelle Obama Just Tweet?The former First Lady seems to have accidentally tweeted a phone number to her 7 million followers.
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    News Anchor Temporarily Forgets She’s On AirHer reaction when she realizes the show is live is priceless.
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    Unsuspecting Woman Brings Therapy Dog to Local Furry ConventionShe had no idea what a furry was before walking through the door.
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    Tinder Has a Secret ‘Select’ Version of Its App for an Elite Invite-Only CrowdHave you been invited to join Tinder Select?
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    Sean Spicer Goofs, Announces Donald Trump As New HUD Secretary on TwitterSpicer meant to announce Ben Carson’s confirmation, but his tweet said otherwise.
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    Kellyanne Conway Quote-Tweets White Nationalist: ‘Love You Back’The tweet has since been deleted, and Conway says she doesn’t know who has access to her account.
  37. oops
    Library of Congress Trump Poster Includes Commemorative TypoThe fitting depiction of our 45th president was quickly pulled.
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    Advice: Don’t Hold Guns in Your Mannequin Challenge VideoAlabama police arrested two men after a viral video made them suspicious.
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    Amid Everything Else, Facebook Apparently Isn’t Even Counting RightOrganic posts were not going as far as the stats indicated.
  40. see something say something
    Scattered Ashes Shut Down the Metropolitan OperaWhat was intended as a tribute to a deceased opera lover prompted an appearance by the NYPD counterterrorism unit instead.
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    ‘Sorry We Thought You Did Meth’ Is the Greatest Cake Ever BakedWhen words just aren’t enough, say it with a cake!
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    500 Million Yahoo Accounts Were Hacked by a ‘State-Sponsored Actor’More than 500 million accounts were compromised.
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    A Compelling Reason Not to Move to North Korea: They Only Have 28 WebsitesThe country’s internet was suddenly made public on Tuesday evening.
  44. This Bomb Robot That Fell Over Is Like a Mirror Held Up to Our SoulsIt tried its best.
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    How to Install iOS 10 Without Killing Your PhoneAlready bricked your iPhone? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
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    Facebook Turns Pictures of Man’s Car Crash Into Cheery SlideshowFacebook’s slideshow feature doesn’t differentiate between photos of happy memories and terrible ones.
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    Netflix Glitch Recommends Slasher Flicks to Rom-Com FansAccording to Netflix, V for Vendetta is about sports and The Lovely Bones is a comedy.
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    SpaceX Rocket Explodes During Test RunThe incident happened during a routine test.
  49. In Defense of Bieber: It’s Easy to Accidentally Reactivate Your InstagramBieber’s back on Insta, but the star says he didn’t mean to reactivate his account.
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    Poor Announcer Calls Entire Swim Race Thinking Michael Phelps Is Ryan LochteNot very “Jeah!”
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