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  1. oopsies
    News Anchor’s First On-Air Words Are Some of the SaltiestIt was a fun job while it lasted.
  2. oopsies
    Ticketmaster Screws Up Obama Inaugural Ball Like Everything ElseIt was even worse than normal.
  3. oopsies
    DNC Accidentally Used Images of Russian Ships During Veterans TributeWhoops.
  4. oopsies
    Agent Left Something Pretty Dangerous on PlaneSmells like trouble.
  5. oopsies
    Typo Hides in Plain Sight for Ten YearsA forgotten “i” finally gets noticed.
  6. San Diego Bay Set Off All Its Fireworks at OnceOops.
  7. ink-stained wretches
    That Adorable Furry Creature From Gremlins Is Actually a MogwaiNot mowglis.
  8. oopsies
    The Philadelphia Inquirer Is Probably Not Hiring Copy EditorsWhich is a real shame.
  9. oopsies
    The Assads’ Media Appeal, Explained“He speaks English, and his wife is hot.”
  10. oopsies
    Fareed Zakaria Gave Basically the Same Graduation Speech at Harvard and DukeMeta-lesson for the kids on juggling commitments?
  11. wall street
    Nasdaq to Facebook Investors: Our BadA $40 million mea culpa.
  12. oopsies
    See All the Barack Obama Tweets That Were Too Hot for the WebMove over, Anthony Weiner.
  13. ink-stained wretches
    Article on Proper Comma Usage Has to Print Correction for Comma MistakeLove when that happens.
  14. stand clear of the closing doors
    The Subway Map Is Not Entirely AccurateBut the design still looks pretty!
  15. white men with money
    J.P. Morgan Trader Sues for a Salary Mix-upThere was a decimal point mistake.
  16. oopsies
    The Brooklyn Bridge Has a Boo-BooOuch!
  17. oopsies
    CVS Accidentally Dispenses Breast Cancer Drugs to New Jersey KidsInstead of chewable fluoride tablets.
  18. oopsies
    Michigan GOP Error in Romney’s Favor: Collect Sixteen Total DelegatesWhoops!
  19. oopsies
    Congressman Alerts Facebook Followers to Onion Story About $8 Billion Abortionplex Because sometimes fantasy is just too irresistible.
  20. oopsies
    Admissions Gaffe Breaks Hearts of 76 Vassar College Applicants For some, the joy only lasted about half an hour.
  21. politics
    Iowa Vote Counter Says Santorum Actually Won Caucuses, Citing DiscrepancyHuman error?
  22. oopsies
    NYPD Officers Get Locked Out of Their Own Squad CarOrder was restored in approximately fifteen minutes.
  23. white men with money
    Bank of America CEO Has Done a Great Job Except for That One ThingThe Merrill Lynch thing was an oopsie, is all.