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Opioid Epidemic

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    Soon You’ll Be Able to Buy Narcan Over the CounterThe overdose-reversal drug could be available for purchase without a prescription as soon as late summer.
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    Sam Quinones on the 1 Million American Dead From OpioidsThe best-selling journalist on other epidemic’s new milestone and what got us there.
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    America’s Overdose Crisis Got Much Worse During the PandemicThe U.S. hit 100,000 dead from ODs over a 12-month period for the first time.
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    Bloomberg’s Alleged Aid for the Sackler Family Should Come As No SurpriseA new report reveals that the billionaire gave PR advice to the now infamous family behind the opioid epidemic.
  5. The First White House Anti-Opioid PSA Shows a Guy Smashing His Hand With HammerKellyanne Conway said the goal is to show “how quickly some people can become hooked and addicted and the lengths to which they will go.”
  6. Trump’s Anti-Drug PSAs Inspired by ‘This Is Your Brain on Drugs’The White House is set to warn kids against opioid use with the same scare tactics that were tried in the ’80s.
  7. Purdue Pharma Knew Its Opioids Were Widely Abused by Late ’90sThe Justice Department wanted to press felony charges against the drugmaker’s executives. George W. Bush’s appointees refused.
  8. As Opioid Crisis Deepens, States Leave Relief Funds UnspentBy only providing two years’ worth of opioid funding, Congress has made it difficult for states to make long-term investments in addiction treatment.
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    Trump Administration Looking into Death Penalty for Drug DealersThey even got a PowerPoint from Singapore.
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    Trump’s Plan to Solve the Opioid Crisis Might Involve Executing Drug DealersHe praises brutal policies in Singapore and the Philippines, and would reportedly love to replicate them — but he’ll settle for harsher sentences.
  11. Trump Has Given Victims of the Opioid Crisis Nothing But ContemptThe president has tried to cut funding for Medicaid and the drug czar’s office — while putting his pollster in charge of a “just say no” campaign.
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    Trump Had a 24-Year-Old Former Campaign Staffer Serving As Deputy Drug CzarHe held one of the most important spots at the Office of National Drug Control Policy, which is coordinating the response to the opioid epidemic.
  13. Trump’s Latest Salary Donation Publicity Stunt Won’t Curb the Opioid CrisisThe president has given $100,000 to fight the epidemic while refusing to open up much-needed federal funds.
  14. Why The Opioid Crisis Could Shatter Trump’s CoalitionRural America’s top problem can only be solved with policies that the Republican donor class will never allow.
  15. Trump to Declare Opioid Crisis a Public Health EmergencyThis will mandate a smaller government response than the national emergency classification he originally promised,
  16. Report: Trump Administration Doesn’t Have an Opioid StrategySurprise, surprise.
  17. Drug Czar Candidate Withdraws After Reports Linking Him to Opioid CrisisCongressman Tom Marino won’t be named to the position.
  18. The Opioid Crisis Is Taking a Toll On the American Labor ForceA new study suggests that opioid use may account for 20 percent of the decline in workforce participation among American men.
  19. Trump’s Solution to Opioid Crisis: Tell Kids Drugs Are ‘No Good’Trump’s suggestion comes as he rejects his drug commission’s recommendation to declare a national emergency.
  20. GOP ‘Moderates’ Worry Gutting Medicaid During Opioid Crisis Might Have DownsidesSome Senate Republicans are realizing that there’s a tension between solving the opioid epidemic and throwing millions of people off health insurance.
  21. Jeff Sessions Wants to Go After Medical MarijuanaDespite a Trump pledge to respect state decisions, the attorney general wants to restart the War on Drugs.
  22. Ohio Sues 5 Drug Companies for Fueling the Opioid EpidemicThe firms knowingly misled doctors and patients about the risks inherent to opioid painkillers, the lawsuit alleges.
  23. Trump’s Budget Doesn’t Boost Funding for Opioid Addiction TreatmentThe president didn’t make good on his promise to expand treatment for addicts — he just rebranded Obama’s funding increase as his own.
  24. Chris Christie Will Head Up White House Opioid CommissionIt will fall under Jared Kushner’s new office, but Christie says things won’t be tense at all.
  25. ‘Small Government’ Conservatism Is Killing Republican VotersAnd they’re starting to figure that out.
  26. interesting times
    The Opioid Epidemic Is This Generation’s AIDS CrisisBut where is the rural ACT UP?
  27. Jeff Sessions Says Marijuana Is ‘Only Slightly Less Awful’ Than HeroinThe nation’s top cop wants to end the opioid epidemic but he’s villainizing one of the best allies in that fight.
  28. Company Raises Price of Opioid-Overdose Antidote by 500 Percent, to $4,500Earlier this week, President Trump backed off his pledge to bargain with drug companies over their prices.
  29. The Opioid Epidemic Is a Symptom of Toxic GreedOur system of financing drug research gave the makers of OxyContin a multibillion-dollar incentive to ignore the risks their drug posed.