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Optical Illusion

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    Look Real Fast and Tell Me How Many Legs This Girl HasOnce you see it, you can’t unsee it.
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    The Curious Case of the Vanishing Football PlayerWhere is No. 80?
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    Today’s Internet Optical Illusion Is This Nausea-Inducing FloorLook very closely at that dip in the floor.
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    This Baffling Picture of Strawberries Actually Doesn’t Contain Any Red PixelsThe fruit still appears red because of a phenomenon known as color constancy.
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    Allow Us to Explain How This Straight Pole Fits Through a Curved HoleA good optical illusion unearthed from Reddit.
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    Today in Optical Illusions: Sliced HamNothing to see here except a potentially blurry picture of some ham.
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    Where. Are. This. Girl’s. Legs.The last viral optical illusion of 2016.
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    Are These Legs Shiny or Just Covered in Paint?Another day. Another optical illusion.
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    Trust Me, This Photo of a Bathroom Floor Is a Very Cool Optical IllusionIf you can’t see it, try shaking your phone.
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    The 12 Dots Optical Illusion Is a Good Way to Break Your BrainChances are you can’t.
  11. Can You Spot the Phone on This Patterned Rug?Ugh.
  12. This Optical Illusion Turns Rectangles Into Circles and Hurts My BrainSomehow, this only took second place in the Best Illusion of the Year contest.