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Orange Is The New Black

  1. stand clear of the closing doors
    Big Boo Loses It Over Homophobic Subway PreacherShe does what we all secretly want to do.
  2. crimes and misdemeanors
    Gear Stolen From Orange Is the New Black Set in BrooklynBlame Crazy Eyes.
  3. party chat
    OITNB Star Matt McGorry Would Have ‘Scooped Up’ the Subway SharkAlso: “I saw someone vomit in a purse once and then get hit on by a guy.”
  4. 21 questions
    Piper Kerman Didn’t Drink the Prison HoochThe inspiration for Orange Is the New Black answers our patented questionnaire. 
  5. the literary scene
    Ex-Convict Piper Kerman on Her Hot New Memoir, Orange Is the New BlackKerman say the book — endorsed by Dave Eggers, and excerpted in ‘The New York Times Magazine’ — is not “even so much my own story, but for the people I met along the way.”