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  1. Would You Volunteer to be Infected With COVID-19?What if it might save lives?
  2. How Epidemics Made NYC BetterThe city’s hard lessons from yellow fever, cholera, tuberculosis, and AIDS.
  3. The Story of a Coronavirus InfectionOver the course of the epidemic, the CDC has estimated that between 160 million and 214 million people in the United States could become infected.
  4. Climate Strikers Rally Across the GlobeProtesters around the globe turned out to participate in Friday’s climate strike
  5. The Most Petty Moments During Michael Cohen’s TestimonyAll the angry Republican reactions one could ever ask for!
  6. 3 Parkland Students on How Their Lives Have Changed Since the ShootingSurvivors reflect one year after the mass shooting
  7. New York’s Tiny Streets Are Simply DelightfulBut just how short are they?
  8. 5 Ways to Get to Manhattan When the L Train Shuts Down“Manhattan-bound trains are running with delays until the heat-death of the universe.”
  9. Taylor Nicole Dean Is the Queen of PetTubeAnd Cheese the cowfish is her king.
  10. A Grim Education: Survival Stories From School Shootings, 72 Years In The MakingSchool shooting survivors share their insights on living with the scars of gun violence —both physical and mental.
  11. Petcube Hands-on: Is This Tricked-Out Smart Pet Gadget Worth the Money?There’s a remote-controlled laser pointer and a social network for pets baked in.
  12. tech boot camp
    Did You Know Your iPhone Now Comes With a GIF App?Apple’s latest iPhone operating system, iOS 12, comes with an app called Shortcuts, which makes it very easy to make GIFs on your phone.
  13. tech boot camp
    Get the Most Out of Your iPhone Camera With This Hidden FeatureDevelopers have unlocked a feature that allows users to capture every bit of information your iPhone camera is capable of.
  14. tech boot camp
    The Best Running App Around Doesn’t Cost a ThingWe tested four popular fitness apps — Strava, MapMyRun, Runkeeper, Nike+ Run Club — to find the best option around.
  15. Inside the Happiest Corner of the Internet With Instagram’s ASMR DarlingsSlimes, hot knives, and lipstick smashing — what’s not to love?
  16. Here’s What Happened to One Immigrant Family After ICE Took DadWhen ICE tried to deport him, he refused to board the plane, leaving behind his wife and four U.S.-born sons.
  17. Kanye West and Trump Collaborate on New Single#DragonEnergy was just a song idea in need of a beat.
  18. Donald Trump Fits Perfectly Into Melania’s ‘Be Best’ InitiativeThe hypocrisy.
  19. A Farewell to Trump’s Class of 2017“I thought I’d last longer than a carton of milk.” — Anthony Scaramucci
  20. At Least 17 Dead in Florida School ShootingThe suspect, reported to be a former student, is in police custody.
  21. A Look at Kim Jong Un’s Sister and Her Role in North Korea’s RegimeShe’s the first member of the North Korean ruling family to visit South Korea since 1953.
  22. Does Trump Have a Future in Hair Commercials?He just may be the perfect brand ambassador.
  23. Trump’s Stock-Market Reality Check“The markets are operating in a parallel universe.”
  24. Watch Our Hands on Demo of Nintendo LaboIt’s much more than just cardboard.
  25. Mothers Are Fighting for Gun-Policy Reform“We’re in a situation where we don’t have to convince America. We have to convince lawmakers to do the right thing.”
  26. Lawmakers Turned the Government Shutdown Into a Blame GameFeaturing a highly partisan White House voice-mail message.
  27. The Long-term Damage of a Government Shutdown“As a citizen, you don’t want to see your government dysfunctional.”
  28. 5 Questions About North Korea You’re Afraid to AskDo we need to start building bunkers?
  29. The Worst Defenses of Trump’s Racist Comments on Immigration“This is how the forgotten men and women in America talk at the bar.”
  30. The Deportation Administration: What’s at Stake“The United States has had a long history of favoring certain migrants from particular countries over other countries.”
  31. How Trump’s Speaking Style Has Changed Over the Years“Bing, bing, bong, bong, bing, bing, bing. You know what that is, right?”
  32. The Airing of HQ Trivia You Missed Where Scott Just Claps Back at TrollsFind out whether he is in fact a daddy.
  33. A Medical Marijuana User’s Message to Jeff Sessions“I’m not looking for a high. I’m looking for relief from the chronic pain this illness has visited upon me.”
  34. Time Is Running Out for DACA RecipientsImmigration advocates are fighting to get a Clean Dream Act passed.
  35. Foreign-Policy Experts React to Trump’s Jerusalem Decision“I think he went too far, too fast, too soon.”
  36. Watch Fox News Hosts Get Mad About Christmas“The PC police are so ravenous and out of control …”
  37. Trump’s Surrounded by Big Water“Well, that is the sippy-cup grip.”
  38. What Black Voters Had to Overcome to Vote in Alabama“The consistent studies and the consistent research all suggest that there’s some sort of political or racial motivation behind these kinds of laws.”
  39. World Leaders Who Snubbed Trump in 2017“He’s not my bride, and I’m not his groom.”
  40. Roy Moore’s Biggest Fan Is TerrifyingRoy Moore’s spokesperson wants voters to focus on the group of “non-accusers” who have never accused Moore of assault.
  41. 3 Ways Trump’s Tax Code Benefits Him and His Family“This is going to cost me a fortune, this thing.”
  42. Trump’s War on the Media Has Been Years in the Making“We have to fight the media! Constantly fighting the media.”
  43. The Most Outrageous Roy Moore Defenses“I believe in this instance that Roy Moore is the victim.”
  44. Graduate Students Are Terrified by the Republican Tax PlanGraduate students across the country are now wondering how they will afford school if the House tax bill goes into effect.
  45. Jeff Sessions Can’t Recall a Lot of Things“I can’t believe I can’t remember that.”
  46. Donald Trump’s Greatest Hits in the Style of Those Old CD CommercialsEveryone’s favorite songs, from “Rocket Man” to “The Ballad of Andrew Jackson.”
  47. Non-Tech People Tried the iPhone X — Witness Their StruggleThe notch gets everyone.
  48. Meet Virginia’s First Transgender Candidate for State Legislature“How can you write legislation about gender identity when you shut out transgender people from the legislative process?”
  49. Witnesses Describe the Manhattan Terror Attack“There was a group of people running towards me and you know I heard, ‘They have a gun, they have a gun.’’’
  50. High Schooler’s Snapchat Story Allegedly Shows Shooter in Downtown ManhattanThe footage allegedly shows the shooter running in the street before being detained by police.
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