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  1. Watch Paul Ryan Try to Defend the GOP Health-Care BillWith PowerPoint!
  2. This Video Will Answer All Your Questions About the Nintendo SwitchDon’t expect Mario.
  3. WATCH: Congresspeople Are Getting Pummeled in Town Halls NationwideA lot of constituents are concerned — and vocal — about their health coverage.
  4. WATCH: NASA Discovered a New Solar System With 3 Potentially Habitable Planets“Finding a second earth is not a question of if, but a question of when.”
  5. WATCH: Hundreds of Protesters at Standing Rock Are on the Brink of EvacuationThe Army Corps has ordered the remaining few hundred activists to vacate by February 22.
  6. WATCH: Flying Drone Taxis Are Real and They’re SpectacularUber with wings.
  7. The Wildest Moments From Donald Trump’s Press ConferenceHe’s “the least racist person” you’ve ever seen.
  8. How Michael Flynn Went From ‘Full Confidence’ to Former Adviser in About 7 HoursHe spent a total of 24 days as national security adviser.
  9. Betsy DeVos Asked Twitter a Question, and Twitter Was Not AmusedWarning: Potential grizzlies ahead.
  10. Here’s How Twitter Responded to Trump’s Threat to ‘SEE YOU IN COURT’Another day, another Trump Twitter fiasco.
  11. WATCH: Here’s the Actual Data on How Third-Party Candidates Affect ElectionsIt tells an unexpected story.
  12. WATCH: Betsy DeVos Was Just Confirmed in an Unprecedented Tiebreaker VoteVice-President Mike Pence delivered the first tie-breaking vote for a cabinet appointee in history.
  13. WATCH: Anti-Trump Tweeters Hijacked #BoycottBudwiser During the Super Bowl“You can’t boycott something you can’t spell.”
  14. WATCH: A Camera Inexplicably Made Out of Cardboard That Actually WorksIt’s real, and it’s magnificent.
  15. Twitter Takes a Moment of Silence for the ‘Bowling Green Massacre’Except it never happened.
  16. WATCH: This Elephant Sanctuary Is Trying to Save Elephants From HumansIt acts as a retirement home for overworked and injured elephants.
  17. WATCH: Crash-Test Dummies Are Getting Pummeled by Drones NowFor science!
  18. WATCH: Who Is Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee?He previously clerked for current Justice Anthony Kennedy.
  19. Senate Democrats Are Speaking Out Against Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’“That’s not the America I believe in. That’s not who we are.”
  20. WATCH: This Guy Creates Overly Elaborate Machines to Complete Simple TasksBut they aren’t exactly the most efficient.
  21. The Statue of Liberty Was Originally Conceived As a Muslim Peasant WomanLady Liberty has a little-known history.
  22. This Nutrition-Sensing Smartphone Might Ruin Food for YouIt can count calories — and worse, keep track of your body fat.
  23. Wait, Who’s Paying for the Mexico Border Wall?Analysts estimate it could cost as much as $20 billion.
  24. This Transformable House Is Full of SecretsIt won 2016 House of the Year in the Royal Institute of British Architects competition.
  25. Who Are the ‘Black Bloc’ Protesters Who Rioted on Inauguration Weekend?They have a particular hatred of Starbucks.
  26. A Massive $2.2 Billion Dome Now Covers the Chernobyl ReactorIt’s called the New Safe Confinement (NSC).
  27. Protests Turned Violent at a Demonstration Before the Inaugural ParadePolice used stun grenades, tear gas, and pepper spray to disperse the rock-throwing crowd.
  28. Trump Fired the Announcer of Every Inaugural Parade Since EisenhowerNo one knows whether he’s a Republican or a Democrat.
  29. Watch: Anti-Trump Protesters Clash With Police a Day Before Trump’s InaugurationPolice responded by using pepper spray on the protesters.
  30. This Is Why Obama’s Legacy Will Endure Despite What Many May ThinkVIDEO: Obama accomplished a lot more than you think, explains Jonathan Chait.
  31. The Nintendo Switch Makes Console-Style Gameplay MobileNintendo’s ambitious new console does not disappoint.
  32. Watch: This Smart Mirror’s Camera Analyzes Your Face and Grades Your ComplexionYou’re rated on a scale from 1–100, and receive beauty tips to match.
  33. Watch: Meet the International Space Station’s First African-American Crew MemberJeanette Epps was inspired by an early admiration for astronaut Sally Ride.
  34. Watch: This Kinetic Sculpture Mimics the Movements of a Flock of BirdsIt is made using 400 suspended “birds”.
  35. A Rare Look at the Stunningly Beautiful World Beneath Antarctica’s IceWe don’t normally get to see this.
  36. Watch: An Iceberg the Size of Delaware Is Set to Break Away From AntarcticaA crack in its surface has grown 11 miles in December alone.
  37. Watch: This Notebook Looks and Feels Like Paper, But You Can Erase It With WaterIt erases with water and is apparently smudge-free.
  38. Watch: Donald Trump Went at It With a CNN Reporter at His Press Conference“I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news.”
  39. President Obama Quoted To Kill a Mockingbird in His Farewell AddressHe urged sensitivity and understanding between America’s diverse racial and ethnic groups, invoking Atticus Finch’s famous words.
  40. President Obama Quotes Washington, Urging Americans to Guard the ConstitutionHe said the Constitution is “just a piece of parchment” without the active participation of the American people to give it meaning.
  41. Watch Several Protesters Interrupt Jeff Sessions’s Confirmation Hearing“No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!”
  42. Watch: A Powerful Tribute to the Victims of Racial LynchingsThe organization collects soil from lynching sites to acknowledge the horrors of racial injustice.
  43. Here Are the Species That Might Be Leaving Us SoonUnlike other natural mass extinctions, this one’s our fault.
  44. This Time-lapse Shows Just How Bad the Smog Problem Is in BeijingThe smog prompted China to issue its first national red alert for “severe fog.”
  45. The Second Avenue Subway Is New York’s Newest World-Class MuseumThe art alone cost $4.5 million.
  46. Can Gun Victims and Gun Advocates Find Common Ground? An Experiment in EmpathyThe idea was simple: Put both sides together to talk. The results were far from simple.
  47. This Region of Turkey Will Make You Feel Like You’re on Another PlanetYou can even take a hot-air balloon ride over the cities.
  48. Watch: Lexus Covered a Sedan With More Than 40,000 LEDsAnd needed a mile-long length of wire to power them.
  49. The Tragic Farewell Messages From Aleppo While the City Was Under Siege“This may be my last video.”
  50. Useless Technology Finally Finds a Home Inside a Spinning Lawn Mower on YouTubeThat’s one way to get rid of your old junk.
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