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  1. 9 Cringeworthy Trump Moments From Puerto Rico“Now I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you’ve thrown our budget a little out of whack.”
  2. Scenes From the Las Vegas ShootingVideo shot by concertgoers on phones depicts the devastating attack at Route 91 Harvest festival firsthand. Warning: Footage may disturb.
  3. Puerto Rico’s Recovery Depends on Updating Economic PolicyThe temporary suspension of the protectionist Jones Act is a good start.
  4. How Climate Change Is Creating More Powerful HurricanesThe looming threat of warming oceans is becoming hard to ignore.
  5. The Psychology of TribalismOur polarized, group-oriented politics is thousands of years in the making.
  6. What the Different Types of NFL Protest MeanKneeling. Sitting. Standing with a raised first. Placing a hand on a seated teammate. NFL players used many different symbols to protest last weekend.
  7. Why Are All These Reporters Standing Outside in the Middle of Hurricanes?Is it worth the ratings?
  8. How Donald Trump’s Palace Intrigue WorksThe president seems to enjoy the permanent atmosphere of chaos and fear that surrounds his inner circle. But why?
  9. Apple’s New Face ID Makes ‘Animoji’ Possible▶️ In which Craig Federighi clucks like a chicken.
  10. How to Use Twitter (a Video for Middle-aged Politicians)▶️ “Let’s get tweeting!”
  11. DACA Recipients Say They Are ‘Here to Stay’Dreamers respond to President Trump ending DACA, saying “our hopes were crushed.”
  12. A Brief History of North Korea in 3 Minutes▶️ A condensed history of the troubled nation, from the Japanese annexation in 1910 to present day.
  13. Politicians React to Trump’s Decision to Rescind DACAThe decision has split members of the Republican Party.
  14. Trump’s Policies Make It Harder for Cities to Recover From Disasters Like HarveyThe White House has rolled back Obama-era rules aimed at managing flood risk, and supported budget cuts to key disaster-relief agencies.
  15. Confederate Monuments Are Propaganda — Not HistoryMemorials to the Confederacy were erected by advocates of white supremacy.
  16. What the Trump Administration Means When It Says ‘On Notice’▶️ Is it more than an empty threat?
  17. Teleprompter Trump vs. Unscripted Trump, a ComparisonThe difference between Trump on and off script.
  18. What Donald Trump Did On His First Presidential Vacation▶️ We’ve had the time of our lives, and we owe it all to him.
  19. See Our Hands-on With the Samsung Galaxy Note 8▶️ A new model aims to improve upon the Samsung’s Note 7 flameout.
  20. The History of Trump’s Afghanistan PolicyThe History of Trump’s Afghanistan Policy
  21. Sarah Jessica Parker Is Trump’s Inner Monologue During the Solar Eclipse▶️ Sarah Jessica Parker’s voice-over is a surprisingly good match for Trump’s stoic facial expressions.
  22. How Anthony Scaramucci — I Mean Steve Bannon — Got Fired▶️ We definitely didn’t recycle a video about Anthony Scaramucci.
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    Apple Commits a Small Fraction of Its Billions to Original TV ShowsIt’s playing catch-up with Netflix.
  24. Anthony Scaramucci Is Back on TV, and He’s Got a Few Words for Us▶️ “I thought I was going to last longer than, like, a carton of milk.”
  25. The Trump Administration Hated Health-Care Policy Secrecy a Few Years Ago▶️ “Unfortunately, this will have to be a Republicans-only exercise.”
  26. What Is the Doomsday Clock, and What Makes It Tick?▶️ After the election of Donald Trump, the 70-year-old clock has been set at two-and-a-half minutes to midnight.
  27. Donald Trump Is His Own Worst Enemy▶️ “The president used the word ‘wiretapped’ in quotes.”
  28. Donald Trump’s Handshakes May Reveal a Lot About the Man Himself▶️ No world leader is exempt.
  29. Trump Once Praised Comey for Actions He’s Now Firing Him For▶️ “What he did was the right thing.” —Trump in October 2016.
  30. Watch House GOP Members Admit They Haven’t Read the Health-Care Bill They Passed▶️ “Oh gosh … I don’t think any individual has read the whole bill.”
  31. House Republicans Have a Simple Strategy to Defend the Health-Care Bill: Lying▶️ Who needs the truth?
  32. Paul Ryan Made a Convincing Argument Against Voting for Trumpcare — 8 Years Ago▶️ Life comes at you fast, Paul.
  33. How Much Do Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson Actually Have in Common?▶️ “Had Andrew Jackson been around a little bit later, you wouldn’t have had the Civil War. He was a very tough person, but he had a big heart.”
  34. Here’s the Scorecard on Donald Trump’s First 100 Days▶️ It’s dismal.
  35. Some of the Most Racist Moments in Fox News History▶️ “Congresswoman, you saw what happened to Whitney Houston: Step away from the crack pipe.”
  36. Bill O’Reilly Has Made Some Remarkably Sexist Comments On Air▶️ “There’s gotta be some downside to having a woman president.”
  37. Sean Spicer Has the Hardest Job in Washington: Defending Donald Trump’s Tweets▶️ An unenviable task.
  38. Tim Tebow Shocks Everybody by Belting a Homer in His First Minor League At-bat▶️ You have to see it to believe it.
  39. Things Trump’s Said About China That President Xi Jinping Might Hold Against Him▶️ “We can’t continue to allow China to rape our country.”
  40. Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley Spoke for 15-Plus Hours to Protest Gorsuch“Change the nominee. Protect the integrity of the court.”
  41. The Most Ridiculous Questions From Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Confirmation Hearings▶️ “That’s the easiest question of the day. Thank you.”
  42. This Is the Future That Elon Musk Wants▶️ A brief guide to the latest projects from a man who thinks we’re all Sims.
  43. How Much Does Donald Trump Hate His Job? A Photographic Investigation“I can’t believe I’m saying I’m a politician, but I guess that’s what I am now.”
  44. See Our Hands-on With the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Best Phone You Can Buy NowApple has its work cut out for it …
  45. The 24-Hour AI-Run Grocery Store That Beat Jeff Bezos to the PunchCreepy, yes. But convenient! 🎥
  46. Sorry, But These People Probably Have a Much More Thrilling Job Than You DoVIDEO: Here’s the proof.
  47. Sleep Pods Are Making Their Way to the U.S.VIDEO: For those who apparently can’t wait until they get home to take a nap.
  48. Here’s the Proof No One Can Dodge an Interview Question Like Kellyanne ConwayVIDEO: It’s fascinating to see in action.
  49. Let’s Look at What Trump Has Actually Said Publicly About His Putin RelationshipVIDEO: “If he says great things about me, I’m going to say great things about him.”
  50. Scientists at UC Riverside Have Created ‘Reprintable Paper’ That Doesn’t Use InkVIDEO: Watch it in action.
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