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  1. crime
    ‘I Don’t Care’: GOP Senators Dismiss Allegations Against Trump“The Democrats will do anything to hurt this president,” said Utah Senator Orrin Hatch.
  2. musical chairs
    Lindsey Graham to Become Senate Judiciary Chairman and Trump Point ManThe formerly independent Graham will now be the point man for Trump in a very sensitive position.
  3. the kavanaugh hearings
    Republican Senator Orrin Hatch to Kavanaugh Protesters: ‘Grow Up’Not his finest moment.
  4. Hatch Apologizes to McCain for Suggesting Trump Should Attend His FuneralEven one of the president’s most zealous supporters realized he was out of line on this one.
  5. Hatch: It’s ‘Ridiculous’ That John McCain Didn’t Invite Trump to His FuneralOrrin Hatch can’t understand why McCain wouldn’t want a draft dodger — who mocked him for being a POW — at his burial.
  6. Utah GOP Passes New Rule That Could Eject Romney From BallotThis is probably less about the candidate than regular old party warfare.
  7. Mitt Romney Announces U.S. Senate Run With Small Swipes at Trump“On Utah’s Capitol Hill, people treat one another with respect,” Romney says, an obvious reference to you-know-who.
  8. State Party Chair’s Attack on Romney Is Sour Grapes, Not a ThreatYes, there will be grumbling, but the 2018 Senate race in Utah is definitely Mitt Romney’s to lose.
  9. Orrin Hatch to Retire, Meaning We Might See Senator Mitt Romney in 2019Having the GOP presidential nominee and anti-Trump firebrand in the Republican caucus would be interesting.
  10. Temporary Spending Bill to Include Temporary Funding for CHIPLooks like Congress will provide relief for the very popular but fiscally strapped program providing health insurance for kids.
  11. Hatch: If AL Voters Want Alleged Sexual Abuser in Congress, They Can Have OneIn sharp contrast to his fellow Mormon Mitt Romney, Orrin Hatch now sees nothing wrong with Roy Moore’s behavior if he’s elected.
  12. stuck in the mittle
    Trump and Bannon Don’t Want Senator Romney — But They Might Not Have Much SayBoth the president and his former strategist seem to prefer incumbent Senator Orrin Hatch, and Utahns might not care.
  13. New GOP Tax-Cut Plan Raises Taxes on Virtually Everyone by 2027Senate Republicans solved their tax plan’s math problem — by phasing out every tax cut in their bill that doesn’t benefit corporations.
  14. Mitt Romney May Be Headed to the SenateThat’s bad news for Bannon.
  15. New GOP Obamacare ‘Fix’ Alternative Is Really Just a Poison PillThe GOP has drafted a bill that won’t get any Democratic support.
  16. Feinstein Seeks to Join Senate’s Elite 90-and-Over ClubIf she runs and wins next year and serves a full term, Dianne Feinstein will become the fifth serving U.S. senator over the age of 90.
  17. Steve Bannon’s Dubious Plan to Purge Senate RepublicansIt’s hard to tell whether it’s just talk or a real threat.
  18. CHIP Extension Dangerously Delayed Past Expiration DateWhat should have been a no-brainer is getting complicated and dangerous for the 9 million kids and pregnant women covered by CHIP.
  19. Senate to Hold Phony Graham-Cassidy Hearings So They Can Pretend to DeliberateJohn McCain is troubled by the Senate’s rushed consideration of health-care legislation. So the GOP is cooking up some bogus hearings for him.
  20. Report: Mitt Romney Considering Senate Run in UtahIf Orrin Hatch retires, he’d have a good shot of winning.
  21. The GOP Health-Care Bill Was a Mess. The GOP’s Tax and Budget Plans Are Messier.The GOP’s plans to use the budget process for health-care and tax legislation are already half-ruined. The worst could be yet to come.
  22. The Final Stake Through the Heart of Repeal Is … Orrin Hatch?Obamacare is alive, and Anthony Scaramucci’s job is dead.
  23. Orrin Hatch: Mitt Romney to Remain Retired Rich Guy Rather Than Run for SenateHatch has previously said he’d retire if Romney were to run.
  24. Mitt Romney Could Become Oldest Popularly Elected Freshman SenatorMost over-70 senators join the upper chamber a bit earlier, so Mitt would be the oldest freshman to be popularly elected if he runs and wins in 2018.
  25. Mitt Romney Is Toying With a Senate Run From UtahHe’ll only do it though if Senator Orrin Hatch retires and gives his blessing.
  26. Two Senior Republican Senators Say the Filibuster Must StayOrrin Hatch and Lindsey Graham say no to the nuclear option.
  27. early and awkward
    Eight Lawmakers Who Voted Against MLK DayMost people know about John McCain. What about Chuck Grassley?
  28. early and awful
    Orrin Hatch Probably Going to Die Soon, Says OpponentYikes.
  29. election 2012
    Primary Challenger Uses Orrin Hatch’s Old Tricks Against HimCall it karma.
  30. the hunt for red november
    Jon Huntsman’s Former Chief of Staff Endorses Mitt RomneyHot Mormon love triangle.
  31. early and awkward
    Senator Orrin Hatch Trying Way Too HardCalls health-care reform “a one-size-fits-all federal government dumb-ass program” and “an awful piece of crap.”
  32. jews
    Now There Are Three Songs About HanukkahYeshiva University’s a cappella group has recorded a Hanukkah song based off of Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite.”
  33. confirming kagan
    Orrin Hatch Harassing Elena Kagan for Pure EntertainmentYou sick man.
  34. the supremes
    Elena Kagan Will Be Confirmed by a 65–35 VoteThat’s our prediction, anyway.
  35. supreme speculation
    Actual Senator Is Hearing About Hillary Clinton for the Supreme CourtOrrin Hatch has heard things about Hillary. That’s about all we know, though.
  36. really important issues
    Obama Tackles Urgent Matter: College Football Playoffs!Obama administration to investigate BCS system.
  37. jews
    Orrin Hatch’s Hanukkah Song Is Tearing Up the ChartsAnother Hanukkah miracle, brought to you by a Mormon from Utah.
  38. jews
    Mormon Utah Senator Orrin Hatch Wrote a Hanukkah SongNo, you read that correctly.
  39. the supremes
    Supreme Court Speculation Period May Be Mercifully Short-livedCould a nominee be announced by the end of the week?