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  1. Oscar Pistorius Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison for Reeva Steenkamp MurderThe former Olympic runner heads straight to prison, though the punishment was more lenient than many expected. 
  2. Oscar Pistorius Now Convicted of Murdering Girlfriend Reeva SteenkampAn appeals court overturned a previous verdict of manslaughter. 
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    Oscar Pistorius Is Out of Prison and Under House Arrest in a Huge MansionThe South African Olympic athlete will complete his sentence for the killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp at his uncle’s house in Pretoria. 
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    Oscar Pistorius Will Be Released on Probation in AugustA South African correctional board recommended the Olympic sprint runner be released after serving just ten months in jail.
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    Pistorius Could Be Out of Prison in 10 MonthsThe law only requires him to serve one sixth of his term.
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    South African Olympics Committee Says Oscar Pistorius Can CompeteAccording to a ruling from the South African Olympic committee.
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    Oscar Pistorius Guilty of ManslaughterA day after he was acquitted of murder.
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    Judge Finds Oscar Pistorius Not Guilty of MurderBut the Olympic athlete still faces other charges.
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    Doctors Say Oscar Pistorius Knew Right From Wrong When He Killed Girlfriend The Olympian’s murder trial was paused after a psychiatrist testified that he had an anxiety disorder.
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    Pistorius to Undergo Mental Health EvaluationThe Olympian’s lengthy murder trial to drag on even longer.
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    Oscar Pistorius Insists He Did Not Fire at the Woman He Shot Multiple TimesThe Olympian’s testimony is still going and still intense.
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    Pistorius Testimony Turns Even More Brutal With ‘Zombie’ Video, Death PhotoThe ongoing South African trial of an Olympic athlete continues.
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    Oscar Pistorius Delivers Emotional Testimony at His Murder Trial“I was simply trying to protect Reeva,” he said.
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    Oscar Pistorius Will Sell His House to Cover Legal FeesAccording to his lawyer, the Olympian “cannot contemplate ever returning to live there again.”
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    Oscar Pistorius Vomits During Autopsy TestimonyA judge blocked the broadcast of the graphic evidence.
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    How Oscar Pistorius Might Avoid Prison South Africa’s legal system is quite different from America’s.
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    Oscar Pistorius Might Want to Get Running Again SoonThe Olympian is making sure practice is allowed while out on bail.
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    Oscar Pistorius’s Brother Also Facing Homicide Trial He killed a motorcyclist in a 2008 traffic accident.
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    Oscar Pistorius Granted Bail Ahead of Murder TrialThe Olympian will be released ahead of his trial for premeditated murder.
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    Lead Pistorius Investigator Taken Off ‘Long Haul’ CaseReplaced by the top police detective.
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    Pistorius Detective Faces His Own Attempted Murder ChargesAccused of shooting up a van while drunk.
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    Pistorius Shot Through Bathroom Door Four Times“I had no intention to kill my girlfriend.”
  23. South African Rugby Star Drawn Into Pistorius Murder SpeculationDid a text from his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend set Pistorius off?
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    The Case Against Oscar Pistorius Grows Stronger [Updated]Police found a bloody cricket bat in the athlete’s home.
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    Oscar Pistorius May Have Tried to Revive Dying Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was scheduled to give a talk on domestic violence the day after she was killed.
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    Ex-Girlfriends of Oscar Pistorius Handling Murder Charge in Different WaysThe Olympian will be charged with premeditated murder.
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    ‘Blade Runner’ Olympian Arrested for Fatally Shooting Girlfriend [Updated]Oscar Pistorius has already been charged with murder.