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Our Journey Together

  1. early and often
    Read the Nastiest Lines From Trump’s $75 Burn BookThe cash-grab coffee-table book Our Journey Together is filled with mean captions written by Trump himself. Here are his most unpresidential musings.
  2. early and often
    Trump Is Selling Signed Copies of His Picture Book for $999The possibly leather-bound “special edition” of Our Journey Together comes with Don Jr.’s book, a MAGA hat, and a 435 percent markup.
  3. politics
    Team Trump Brags About Picture Book’s Mediocre SalesTrump’s predecessors sold far more books. But his low-effort coffee-table book Our Journey Together is still impressive as a moneymaking venture.
  4. politics
    In Defense of Donald Trump’s $230 Picture BookIs it funny that his first postpresidential book consists of 300 photos with captions scrawled in Sharpie? Sure. But it’s the perfect move for him.