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    Face Mask Merch Has, Inevitably, ArrivedYou too can be a responsible citizen while showing love for your favorite cartoon character or hapless local NBA franchise.
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    Key Coronavirus Model Now Predicts Many Fewer U.S. DeathsThe IHME model has also revised downward its predictions for the number of hospital beds and ventilators that will be needed at peak outbreak.
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    Maps Show Fevers Are Down Across the Country, a Sign Coronavirus Is SlowingReal-time fever readings are down in virtually every corner of the country.
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    White House Coronavirus Expert: ‘It’s Going to Get Worse’Dr. Anthony Fauci contradicts President Trump, who said Tuesday: “It will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away.”
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    Public Health Experts: Try ‘Footshake’ Instead of Handshake to Avoid CoronavirusRubbing dirty shoes is better than shaking dirty hands when it comes to avoiding coronavirus.
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    How Will New York City Respond to the Coronavirus?There are systems in place to deal with a pandemic, but this one would likely test the city’s public health authorities and affect day-to-day life.
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    Millions on Lockdown in China Amid Coronavirus OutbreakThe virus has killed 17 and spread to hundreds more, leading authorities to lock down cities and cancel major public holiday celebrations.
  8. Ebola Returns to Liberia, Country Was Believed to Be Virus-FreeNearly 5,000 Liberians have died from the virus since last year.
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    Inmate at Rikers Tests Positive for Legionnaires’ DiseaseCuomo and de Blasio have announced plans to introduce new regulations to fight the outbreak. 
  10. Feds Heading to Indiana to Stop HIV OutbreakScott County in Indiana has 79 cases of HIV owing to needle sharing. 
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    LinkedIn Employee May Have Exposed San Francisco Commuters to MeaslesThe unidentified person rode BART six times last week.