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  1. A Deadly Rat Disease Has Killed One Person, Infected Two Others in the BronxIt spreads through the animals’ urine.
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    Country Where Ebola Outbreak Began Declares Itself Free of the Deadly Virus“It’s the best year-end present that God could give to Guinea, and the best news that Guineans could hope for.”
  3. 1 Dead, 13 Sick in the Most Recent Wave of Legionnaires’ DiseaseFifteen cooling centers have also tested positive for the Legionella bacterium in the Bronx.
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    Legionnaires’ Disease Is Back in the BronxAfter a short break.
  5. outbreaks
    There’s Still Some Legionnaires’ Disease in NYCTwo new cases have been reported, but they’re said to be unrelated to the South Bronx outbreak.
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    Legionnaires’ Outbreak Is OverOfficials have pinpointed the exact source of the bacteria that killed 12 and sickened more than 120.
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    12 People Are Now Dead in NYC Legionnaires’ OutbreakBut there have been no new cases diagnosed since August 3.
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    3 More People Have Died of Legionnaires’ Disease in the BronxMore than 80 people have been infected so far.
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    Is the Anti-Vaccination Movement Spreading to Pet Owners?More pet owners may be skipping shots as vaccine denialism creeps into veterinary medicine. 
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    Ebola Is a Virus That Punishes False ConfidenceTaming it will require plenty of human humility. 
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    Another Person in New York Has Measles That makes 26 cases of the virus.