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  1. Ted Cruz Folds His Tent — Until 2020Even after his loss, Cruz will be well-positioned to thrive.
  2. own it
    Oprah Didn’t Realize Starting a Successful Cable Network Would Be So Difficult Otherwise, she maybe wouldn’t have done it.
  3. good luck with that
    Someone’s Trying to Sue Oprah for Acronym InfringementIs “OYP” OWN’s own?
  4. own it
    Oprah Winfrey Network Has to Make It Up to AdvertisersBecause of low ratings, the network has had to offer up additional ad time to buyers.
  5. own it
    Oprah Winfrey Network Boss Christina Norman Gets the Heave-HoThat was quick.
  6. the most important people in the world
    The Oprah Winfrey Network Has Arrived, and People Basically Like ItBut it’s a gamble.