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  1. drugs
    Painkillers Come Really Easy With the Right NYC DoctorA small amount of medical professionals are writing a large majority of the prescriptions.
  2. drugs
    Oxycodone Prescriptions Spike in New YorkPrescriptions for the ubiquitous painkiller rose 82 percent from 2007 to 2010.
  3. chuck schumer
    Schumer: New Painkillers Will Increase CrimeThe senator says stronger drugs will lead to more pharmacy holdups.
  4. david wu
    Congressman David Wu Has a Tiger ProblemThe Oregon Democratic representative was caught in a compromising costume.
  5. the most important ailments in the world
    Rush Limbaugh Was on Medication for a ‘Back Problem’Wonder what kinds of medications are used for “back problems”?
  6. photo op
    Cindy McCain Will Put Herself in Harm’s Way to Make You Feel WelcomeIf that’s not a qualification for First Ladyship, we don’t know what is.