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  1. osama bin killed
    Guardian: Pakistan Agreed to the Bin Laden Mission Ten Years AgoAs part of the deal, they agreed to protest vociferously when it happened.
  2. osama bin killed
    Pakistani Media Outs CIA Chief as Tensions With U.S. WorsenThe U.S. tries to interview bin Laden’s widows.
  3. international intrigue
    Hillary Clinton Seeks Continued Cooperation With PakistanBut Pakistani chief of staff Kayani is uneasy with last Sunday’s operation.
  4. osama bin killed
    Pakistan’s Link to Bin Laden Prompts U.S. Concern Over ISI’s ‘Double Game on Terrorism’“There’s no doubt he was protected by some in the ISI.”
  5. osama bin killed
    Bin Laden’s Compound: Marijuana in the Yard and Militant LandlordsAnd sheep. Lots o’ sheep.
  6. osama bin killed
    Killing Bin Laden: An Alternate HistoryConservative critics found reason to fault the president for an unequivocal military success. Imagine if the operation had failed.
  7. osama bin killed
    U.S. Focus Turns to Pakistan’s Role in Hiding Osama Bin Laden [Updated]Pakistan’s president: “He was not anywhere we had anticipated he would be.”
  8. osama bin killed
    How the U.S. Killed Osama Bin LadenWas Pakistan’s ISI protecting him?
  9. osama bin killed
    As Americans Rejoice in Bin Laden Death, Allies Worry About What’s NextFrom Afghanistan to Britain, there are concerns.
  10. white house the new class
    Obama’s National-Security Picks Cross the Line Between Spy and SoldierTime was, you could distinguish the two.
  11. white house the new class
    Shake-up in National Security: Panetta Is Obama’s New Defense Secretary, Petraeus Will Direct CIABig changes surround the make-or-break year for the war in Afghanistan.
  12. revolt like an egyptian
    U.S. Drones Kill Twelve in PakistanThe same day they’re approved for use in Libya.
  13. three cups of bs
    Did Three Cups of Tea Author Greg Mortenson Fabricate Much of His Memoir (and Charity Work)?That’s what ‘60 Minutes’ says.
  14. pakistan
    Pakistan to U.S.: Reduce Your CIA PresenceThey want a 25 to 40 percent reduction in CIA staff.
  15. international intrigue
    CIA Contractor in Pakistan Apparently Saved by ShariaHis freedom was bought with blood money.
  16. international intrigue
    Pakistani Governor Murdered by His Own Security for Opposing Blasphemy LawsTwitter was involved, of course.
  17. endless war
    U.S. Planning to Expand Pakistan RaidsSenior military commanders hope to expand raids while they still can.
  18. wikileaks
    WikiLeaks Cables: The Matter of Pakistan and the Enriched UraniumNo, media! Bad!
  19. endless war
    The Obama Administration Is Ruining the Taliban’s Summer 2011 PlansWe’re not really leaving Afghanistan for a few more years.
  20. jerks
    Osama Bin Laden Living in ‘Relative Comfort’Somewhere in Pakistan, obviously.
  21. war and peace
    Hamid Karzai Confirms Secret Talks With the TalibanHe tells Larry King that there have been unofficial negotiations, which is what everyone suspected.
  22. we feel like we’re taking crazy pills
    How Did Obama Go to Pakistan in 1981? On a PlaneAn ex-congressman running for his former seat repeats a completely disproven Obama conspiracy theory.
  23. terrorble
    Three Men to Be Charged in Pakistan for Assisting Faisal ShahzadThey have “militant minds.”
  24. international intrigue
    Don’t Worry, Pakistan, Angelina Jolie Will Save YouSeriously, tabloid coverage of her visit could actually help.
  25. racial profiling
    United Airlines Mistakes Pakistani Military Delegation for TerroristsUnited Airlines had a hard time telling them apart.
  26. world news
    Pakistani Floods Claim More LivesThe U.N. has appealed for $460 million in aid for shelter, food, and emergency care.
  27. pakistan
    One-Fifth of Pakistan Under Water As the Country Turns Sixty-Three“Entire villages and towns have been transformed into vast lakes.”
  28. pakistan
    Deadly Blasts Strike Pakistan ShrineAt least 37 killed and 175 injured.
  29. terror plots
    Five Americans Convicted on Terror Charges in PakistanThe group was accused of planning attacks abroad.
  30. heroes
    Bin Laden Hunter Released by Pakistani AuthoritiesColorado construction worker on his way back to U.S.
  31. heroes
    Totally Insane Three-Namer Tried to Kill Bin Laden HimselfHe had a sword and a pistol, and he’s the man.
  32. facebook
    Pakistan Blocks Facebook, YouTube, 450 Other Sites After Muhammad-Drawing ContestUser creates “Draw Muhammad Day” event; government responds swiftly.
  33. america’s payback
    U.S. Drones Continue to Pound Faisal Shahzad’s Taliban Friends in PakistanTwenty four suspected militants were killed today.
  34. Eric Holder Says Pakistani Taliban ‘Was Behind’ Attempted Times Square AttackIt may have also given money to Faisal Shazad.
  35. times square bomb scare
    Officials: Would-be Times Square Bomber Maybe Was Working for Pakistan Taliban After AllAmerican investigators are facing mounting evidence that Faisal Shahzad wasn’t working alone.
  36. times square bomb scare
    Post: Would-be Times Square Bomber Wanted Revenge for U.S. Drone Attacks on TalibanFaisal Shahzad was devastated to see his beloved Taliban terror trainers wiped out in the U.S. strikes.
  37. times square bomb scare
    Shahzad Received Training in Bomb-Making in PakistanThe suspect’s court date was indefinitely postponed today.
  38. times square bomb scare
    Photos: Inside the Attempted Times Square Bomber’s Suburban Dream HomeSee what American life was like for the man who wanted to attack it.
  39. times square bomb scare
    Two Arrested in Pakistan in Conjunction with Times Square Bombing AttemptPolice do not believe Faisal Shahzad’s claim that he was working alone.
  40. times square bomb scare
    Would-be Times Square Bomber Says He Acted AloneBut authorities are looking for more suspects.
  41. international intrigue
    Three Killed in Attacks on U.S. Consulate in PakistanIslamist militants attempted to blow their way into the heavily guarded complex.
  42. victories
    Drone Kills a Top Al Qaeda Official in PakistanYemini integral to March 8 attack on CIA that killed seven Americans.
  43. international intrigue
    All American Al Qaeda Look the Same, ApparentlyTurns out the one Pakistanis captured isn’t the one we were told it was.
  44. international intrigue
    Adam Gadahn, American Al Qaeda, Arrested in PakistanThe California native was indicted on charges of treason in 2006.
  45. international intrigue
    Pakistani Report: Taliban Leader CapturedLatest in string of high-profile captures.
  46. international intrigue
    U.S. and Pakistani Forces Capture Two Top Taliban LeadersThis is the second serious blow to the rebel group in less than a week.
  47. terror plots
    Najibullah’s Queens Ally Sought ‘To Kill U.S. Service Members in Afghanistan’Adis Medunjanin has been charged alongside his former high-school friend.
  48. international intrigue
    Welcome to Pakistan, HillaryA massive terrorist attack takes place just hours after her arrival.
  49. early and often
    McCain, Palin Attack Couric for ‘Gotcha Journalism’Wait, is that the style of reporting where one asks follow-up questions and holds people accountable for their public statements? Despicable!
  50. why we can’t have nice things
    Pakistani President Goes Gaga for PalinUpon meeting the GOP vice-presidential nominee, Zardari gushed, ‘You are even more gorgeous than you are on the [TV]!’
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