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Pale Male

  1. the most important birds in the world
    New York Times Gets a Little PornographicWith its hawk obsession.
  2. the most important birds in the world
    Point-Counterpoint: Should We Care About the Hawks?Noreen and Dan debate.
  3. Yet Another Red-Tailed Hawk Found DeadWHAT is going on?
  4. the most important birds in the world
    Another Red-Tailed Hawk Found Dead in Central ParkWhere were you on Monday, Pale Male?
  5. the most important birds in the world
    The Guy Who Took a Picture of Pale Male’s Dead Mate Was Arrested for ItCrime has a way of surrounding that bird.
  6. the most important birds in the world
    Local Lothario Finds New Gal Pal After Suspicious DeathNew York’s most famous hawk has a new mate.
  7. animanhattan
    Pale Male Has Been Kind of a Slut Since His Wife DiedHe’s been getting it on with everyone.
  8. terrorists of the sky
    Feathered Hussy Moves In on Pale MaleAnd Lola is nowhere to be found!
  9. gossipmonger
    Vanity CareLimos parked outside Graydon Carter’s Waverly Inn delayed an ambulance en route to nearby St. Vincent’s Hospital. Former Citigroup chairman Sandy Weill cut down his use of the company’s corporate jets right before 17,000 people were laid off. Michael Chabon is proud to have been branded an anti-Semite by the Post. Ellen Barkin is writing a novel based on her marriage to Ron Perelman. Bonnie Fuller is branching into TV. Barbara and Lauren Bush sang karaoke. The famous hawks living at 927 Fifth Avenue will soon be in a kids’ book. Jay Leno confused two Mexican comedians. Joe Francis says his Girls Gone Wild videos don’t feature black girls because they ask for money, not because he’s racist.