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  1. just asking questions
    The Struggle to Help Gaza’s Starving ChildrenUNICEF regional director Adele Khodr on trying to deliver food into a bombed-out war zone.
  2. palestine
    Biden Should Quit Hiding From the ProtestersMorality and American democracy require the president embrace rather than dismiss pro-Palestinian voices.
  3. israel-palestine
    The Free-Speech Debate Is a TrapFree speech is a public utility, not a guarantee of justice. It’s time for the left to stop expecting it to serve its values.
  4. encounter
    Israel-Palestine Scholar Norman Finkelstein’s Long CrusadeA cantankerous Israel critic takes a rare turn in the limelight.
  5. foreign interests
    The Price of Hamas’s Destruction Is Too HighIt’s time to give a temporary peace a chance.
  6. torn up and apart
    The War and New YorkFears, protests, posts, firings, doxings, lost friendships, vigils, and betrayals. The city since October 7.
  7. the discourse
    Is That Antisemitic?The fraught terminology surrounding the war in Gaza.
  8. israel-hamas war
    Republicans for War CrimesEliminationist rhetoric from conservatives meets cowardice from Democrats.
  9. israel-hamas war
    Israel-Hamas War Live Updates: Israeli Forces Push Deeper Into GazaCrowds of desperate Gazans broke into U.N. aid warehouses on Saturday.
  10. the discourse
    War of the StatementsThe unusual way Americans have processed the Israel-Hamas War.
  11. israel-hamas war
    Israel-Hamas War: Who Is to Blame for Gaza City Hospital Blast?A look at what the experts are saying.
  12. israel-hamas war
    What the Black Struggle Tells Us About the Israel-Hamas WarThe Black legacy of channeling our grief toward a more just world is often missing from the American discourse.
  13. israel-hamas war
    Explanations Are Not ExcusesIn this moment, denying history has become a tool to justify the sustained murder of thousands in Gaza.
  14. foreign interests
    Israel’s Illiberal Rightward Turn Is a WarningNetanyahu is back, leading an extreme-right government that leaves both Israel and America’s left in an impossible bind.
  15. foreign interests
    The End of the Netanyahu Era?A coalition deal is likely to end the career of Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, but the damage he has done will have a long tail.
  16. anti-semitism
    U.S. Sees String of Anti-Semitic Attacks Amid Gaza ViolenceAttacks on Jews have reportedly increased across the country in recent days, prompting Biden to call for an end to the “despicable” acts of violence.
  17. the national interest
    We Should Use the Same Principles for Debating Israel As Debating RacismWhat I’ve learned over years of watching everybody switch rules when the subject changes.
  18. foreign interests
    Trump’s ‘Peace’ Deal Doesn’t Make Mideast Conflict Any Less LikelyThe Abraham Accords serve Trump and Netanyahu’s political interests, but abandoning Palestinians and amplifying pressure on Iran are both risky steps.
  19. foreign interests
    UAE Strikes Peace Deal With Israel, Sells Out PalestiniansIn exchange for a promise that Israel won’t immediately illegally annex the Jordan Valley, Abu Dhabi normalized relations with the Jewish state.
  20. middle east
    Kushner Can Solve Israel-Palestine Conflict Because He’s ‘Read 25 Books on It’That’s a lot of reading for the Trump administration, though not quite enough for his 80-page plan to make it past peer review.
  21. middle east
    Kushner: Palestine May ‘Screw Up’ Peace Plan Like Every Deal ‘They’ve Ever Had’“They’re going to screw up another opportunity like they’ve screwed up every other opportunity that they’ve ever had in their existence.”
  22. world view
    Trump’s Middle East Plan Is About Exerting Power, Not Achieving PeaceThe conflict is now shaped by the worldview of Trump and his allies — and a two-state solution may be off the table for good.
  23. ilhan omar
    Democrats’ Split Over Ilhan Omar’s Israel Comments: What You Need to KnowAfter much debate, Democrats will vote Thursday on a resolution to condemn hate in all forms.
  24. ilhan omar
    Ilhan Omar Has a Less Bigoted Position on Israel Than Almost All Other DemocratsMaking tone-deaf remarks about dual allegiances is bad. Supporting de facto apartheid rule in the West Bank is much, much worse.
  25. foreign interests
    Netanyahu Is No Longer Hawkish Enough for His Own GovernmentAfter agreeing to a cease-fire in Gaza, the prime minister is cast as a capitulating peacenik by his allies. Still, he’ll probably be reelected.
  26. palestine
    Trump Administration to Cut Off Aid to Palestinian Refugee ProgramJared Kushner wants to create peace between Israel and the Palestinians by forcing one side to submit.
  27. Israel and Palestine Just Slid Further Away From the Possibility of PeaceTrump’s embassy move is an illustration of how far gone the situation in Israel and Palestine is.
  28. Natalie Portman and the Crisis of Liberal ZionismIsrael is choosing Zionism over democracy. Now, American Jews must decide if they’re willing to support that choice.
  29. Mike Pence’s Middle East Trip Has Degenerated Into a Glorified Photo OpPence said he was going to the Middle East to promote peace and help persecuted Christians. Now he’s just taking pictures.
  30. ISIS Threatens Attacks on U.S. Soil After Trump’s Jerusalem Decision“We will do more ops in your land,” the terror group said on social media Thursday.
  31. Israel Strikes Gaza in Response to Rocket FireTrump bucked precedent — and the entire international community — by naming Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Riots and rockets ensued.
  32. Trump Arrives in Israel, Seeking the ‘Ultimate Deal’“We just got back from the Middle East,” Trump informed the Israelis.
  33. Bernie Sanders’s Surprising Platform PriorityThe senator’s push for greater deference to Palestinian interests reflects his party’s growing generational divide over the Jewish State.
  34. Herzog: We Must Not Be Seen As ‘Arab Lovers’The comment from Israel’s opposition leader illustrates the profound obstacles to peace in the region.
  35. united nations
    Abbas Issues Warning to Israel in U.N. Speech“We cannot continue to be bound by these signed agreements with Israel and Israel must assume fully all its responsibility as an occupying power.”
  36. united nations
    U.N. Accuses Israel and Palestinian Militants of Possible War Crimes in Gaza“The extent of the devastation and human suffering in Gaza was unprecedented and will impact generations to come.”
  37. middle east
    Why the West Bank Security Agreement Could Collapse, and Why It Matters“It’s just a further escalation, which increases the possibility for real confrontation.”
  38. terrorble
    New Song Mocks Israelis Over Vehicular Attacks“Yes, you Zionist, not someone else.”
  39. war in the middle east
    Palestinian-American Teenager Killed by IDF in West BankHe was the second U.S. citizen casualty in the region this week.
  40. israel
    Images From the Jerusalem Riots After a Terror Attack Killed an American BabyThe 3-month-old was an American citizen in Israel.
  41. israel
    Jerusalem Terror Attack Kills Infant After Weeks of Rising TensionsA bloody day in Israel.
  42. Awful #JSIL Campaign Likens Israel to ISISUm, yeah, not quite.
  43. hummus wars
    The Other Front in the Israel-Palestine Conflict: Hummus Ads“You’re either a member or you’re not,” says the slogan.
  44. war in the middle east
    Palestinian Leader Accuses Israel of Genocide Remember, this is the one Israel doesn’t totally hate.
  45. international intrigue
    Israel Had Some Trouble Figuring Out Its Top Baby Boy NameIt’s Yosef! No, Mohammed! No, Yosef!
  46. protests
    Protesters Fly Giant Palestinian Flag Off Manhattan Bridge There isn’t much of a mystery this time.
  47. war in the middle east
    The First Death in Gaza After the Cease-fire Was a 10-Year-Old Boy’sAfter three days of relative peace.
  48. war in the middle east
    Israel Faces Harshest U.S. Criticism Yet, Then Breaks Its Own Cease-fireThe U.S. called Sunday’s attack on a U.N. shelter “horrifying.”
  49. war in the middle east
    72-Hour Unconditional Humanitarian Cease-fire Reached in GazaBeginning Friday morning, the U.S. and U.N. announced.
  50. war in the middle east
    U.N. to Israel: ‘Nothing Is More Shameful Than Attacking Sleeping Children’ Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said “all available evidence points to Israeli artillery as the cause” of Wednesday’s attack on a shelter.
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