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  1. war in the middle east
    Hot New Celebrity Trend: Tweeting #FreePalestine (and Then Deleting It)First Dwight Howard, then Rihanna, which can only mean more to come.
  2. very sad things
    Six Suspects Arrested for Burning Death of Palestinian Teen16-year-old Muhammad Abu Khdeir was abducted and killed on Wednesday.
  3. international affairs
    After 2 Weeks of Searches, Kidnapped Israeli Teenagers Found Dead Israel blamed Hamas, which has denied responsibility. 
  4. surprise visits
    Pope Francis Invites Israeli and Palestinian Presidents to Vatican Prayer SummitAfter a surprise visit to the wall separating Jerusalem and Bethlehem.
  5. jesus christie
    Christie Sorry for Saying ‘Occupied Territories’To Republican casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, in particular.
  6. international affairs
    ‘Jews Can’t Stop’ Is the Worst Miley Cyrus Parody Video Yet It’s about Israeli settlers.
  7. international affairs
    After Three Years, Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks Will ResumeAfter an intense push by John Kerry.
  8. international affairs
    Palestine Becomes a U.N. ‘Observer State,’ U.S. Makes It Clear They Aren’t HappyClinton says the resolution “places further obstacles in the path of peace.”
  9. internal affairs
    Yasser Arafat Exhumed, Just Before DeadlineThe poison they’re looking for decays after eight years.
  10. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Deployed to Middle East to End Gaza ConflictJust wrapping up some loose ends during her final days in office.
  11. manderson
    Anderson Cooper Reports That the Explosions in Gaza Are Rather Loud“That was a rather large explosion.”
  12. billboard wars
    Middle East Conflict Rages on Metro-North BillboardsThis seems useful and productive.
  13. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Insults Whole New International PopulacePalestinians. 
  14. boycotts
    Park Slope Food Coop’s Divisive Vote on Whether to Vote on Divisive Israeli BoycottHas led to shoving matches on sidewalks outside.
  15. Israel Releases 550 Palestinian PrisonersThis is the second and final stage of the deal
  16. Most Biting Criticisms of Gingrich’s ‘Invented’ CommentWinner: “ignorant, provocative, and racist.”
  17. eye of newt
    Newt Gingrich Says Palestinian People Are ‘Invented’In a recent interview with the Jewish Channel, the GOP front-runner goes way right.
  18. bons mots
    Herman Cain Prefers the Term ‘Jewishly Challenged’“I think that the so-called Palestinian people … “
  19. photo op
    Freed Israeli Soldier Gilad Shalit Hopes for PeaceHe looked gaunt when he stepped off the plane today.
  20. the national interest
    Obama’s Israel Speech Shouldn’t Surprise AnybodyObama’s international strategy is pretty much the same thing as Obama’s domestic political strategy.
  21. israel
    Obama Says Palestine Statehood Can’t Come From a U.N. VoteHe’ll veto if necessary.
  22. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Schmoozes Jewish Leaders in New YorkHe promises to do something neither Bill Clinton nor George W. Bush were willing to do: Move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
  23. barack obama
    Barack Obama Is Coming to New York to Talk Israel/PalestineAnd raise some cash money.
  24. peace in the middle east
    How Ruthlessly Will GOP Candidates Condemn Bibi Netanyahu’s Anti-Israeli Proposals?Netanyahu is willing to negotiate based on 1967 borders, according to reports.
  25. foreign relations
    Egypt Will Permanently Reopen Its Border With the Gaza StripJust wait ‘til Israel finds out about this.
  26. foreign relations
    Netanyahu Gets a Warmer Welcome From Congress Than From ObamaBibi says Israel is willing to make “painful compromises.”
  27. foreign relations
    Obama and Netanyahu Didn’t Smile Very Much in Their MeetingBut there was plenty of chin-rubbing.
  28. foreign relations
    The Netanyahu–Obama Relationship Is Not Going to Get Less Awkward Any Time SoonBut they might pretend it will.
  29. loose lips
    Palestine Papers: Al Jazeera’s Secret Documents on Concessions to IsraelThis does not look good for Palestine.
  30. international intrigue
    Hamas Launches Its Deadliest Attack in Two Years While Netanyahu Heads to the Peace TalksFour Israeli settlers, including a pregnant woman, were killed in the West Bank.
  31. international intrigue
    Israel and Palestinians on the Verge of Resumed Peace TalksOne-year time limit to be placed on negotiations.
  32. middle east peace
    Netanyahu Happy to Hold Peace Talks on Larry King“You’re on, Larry.”
  33. israel
    Netanyahu: ‘Israel Plans to Ease Blockade of Gaza’ to Specified Items“There is a green light approval for all goods to enter into Gaza except for military items.”
  34. helen thomas
    Ari Fleischer Wants Helen Thomas Fired for Saying Jews Should Get ‘the Hell Out of Palestine’ [Updated]Thomas has since apologized.
  35. israel
    Israel to Release Activists Held From FlotillaAll foreigners to be deported within 48 hours.
  36. what other people think
    Who’s to Blame for the Mavi Marmara?The Internet debates the clash between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian peace activists.
  37. international intrigue
    U.N. Security Council Holds Emergency Session After Israel RaidNine pro-Palestinian activists killed after Israeli military storm flotilla.
  38. headlines you don’t expect to write
    Sex Tape Rocks Palestinian GovernmentEveryone has to have a sex-tape scandal at some point.
  39. what other people think
    Some Find Obama’s Demands of Israel UnsettlingIs Obama being too tough on Israel? Or is toughness what is needed?
  40. early and often
    Obama on Middle East Peace: ‘The Moment Is Now’In Germany alongside Chancellor Angela Merkel, the president reiterated his calls for sacrifice and progress between Israel and Palestine.
  41. early and often
    Is McCain Trying to Make Rashid Khalidi Into an October Surprise?Does this latest huff over Obama’s relationship with Columbia professor Rashid Khalidi resonate with you?