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  1. Hurricane Irma Is Headed Right Toward Trump’s Mar-a-Lago ClubThe resort on Palm Beach, like the rest of the island, has been evacuated.
  2. Trump Won’t Bring Our Jobs Back From His HotelsSince 2010, nearly 300 Americans have applied for jobs at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club. He’s hired only 17, while pursuing 500 visas for guest workers.
  3. party chat
    Billionaire David Koch Had a Wizard of Oz–Themed 70th Birthday“It was absolutely over-the-top,” he tells us.
  4. made-off
    The Hottest Spot in Palm Beach in Post-Madoff Times? Consignment ShopsThis is an almost cute story.
  5. made-off
    Madoff Rage Turns Florida Residents Into Poop-Throwing PsychosU.S. Marshals prepping the Ponzi-schemer’s homes for sale have run into some trouble with the locals.
  6. massage enthusiasts
    Jeffrey Epstein Got Out of Jail Today, But His Problems Aren’t OverThe massage enthusiast emerges from prison bloated and beleaguered.
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    U.S. Marshal Appalled by Bernie Madoff’s Decorating Choices“I’ve never seen so much bull in my life.”
  8. made-off
    Oh, Brother: Bernie Madoff’s Latest Victim Is His SisterSeventy-four-year-old Sondra Weiner has listed her Palm Beach home after losing $3 million to her own brother.
  9. science fiction
    The Potential Madoff DystopiaIn the beginning, the Madoff investors were bound together by their tragedy. Then everything went horribly wrong.
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    Judge Takes Away Jeffrey Epstein’s Freedom, PornThe billionaire moneyman will go into lockup for eighteen months. But thanks to judge Deborah Dale Pucillo, his subsequent home confinement will have its own special torture.
  11. in other news
    But Ann Coulter Always Seemed So Nice!Aw, poor Ann Coulter. As if it’s not enough that she’s surrounded by liberal heathens up here in New York, she even gets hassled down at her place in Florida. Today the Smoking Gun has a police report that details the disturbing (yet a kind of hilarious) southern hospitality Coulter received at her place in Palm Beach before she had her address take off the books. First, there was the time she heard someone screaming “Ann Coulter is a big asshole” near her house. Then there was the note, which an earnest cop described in detail: Coulter showed me the greeting card which was pink and white in color and had the words “Go Fuck Yourself” printed on the face… The greeting card was manufactured by Chronicle Books, 2006 Julie Jackson cross-stitch note cards. This card had a pink border with an old-fashioned bronze-colored frame. The inside of the card was written in cursive, in blue ink, most likely with a ball-point pen, you self-aggrandizing, two words not clear, sociopath!! the only things left after a nuclear war are you and cockroaches, stay out of bright lights with no makeup, you are so ugly you could turn a train up a dirt road … the envelope had a pink floral appearance to it. The card wasn’t signed, and so Palm Beach police have apparently been doing their CSI thing and checking fingerprints. Which seems a little pointless, considering that about half of America could have sent it. Ann Coulter Addresses Space Invaders [Smoking Gun]
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    ‘Radar’ CallingA Radar editor left a cell phone on — as in, making a call to someone’s voice mail — during a meeting, and the recording showed that staff meetings are disorganized. Donald Trump is planning to build a $125 million house in Palm Beach, and the locals aren’t happy about it. Damaging tape of Britney Spears “partying” with two dancers at a club may soon surface. A play about Spalding Gray shows he wasn’t a very attentive father. Brandon Davis tells his parents he’s an art dealer; he may actually be a different type of dealer. A married TV anchorwoman is about to get dumped for having an affair.