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  1. John Bolton and the Anti-Muslim Bigotry of Mainstream ConservatismBolton’s appointment is a reminder that American conservatives — from Donald Trump to Bret Stephens — find Islamophobia perfectly acceptable.
  2. Milo’s Big Wing-Nut Hootenanny in Berkeley Turning Out to Be a ShamYiannopoulos’s big conservative event in Berkeley is melting into disorganized chaos, not antifa-baiting provocation. It will probably be canceled.
  3. Charlie Hebdo Rejects Pamela Geller ComparisonsComparing the two is “nonsense,” its film critic says.
  4. islamophobia
    What You Need to Know About Pamela GellerShe says the shooting at her Muhammad art show proves her warnings about the “Islamization of America” were right.
  5. Judge Says MTA Must Post ‘Killing Jews Is Worship’ Ads “These ads — offensive as they may be — are still entitled to First Amendment protection.”
  6. islamophobia
    Subway Ad Won’t Feature ISIS Beheading James FoleyAfter a letter from his family.
  7. islamophobia
    Anti-Muslim Activist Will Sue MTA Over Rejection of Hateful AdPamela Geller strikes again. 
  8. attention whores
    Nobody Puts Pamela Geller in a CornerShe’s so mad right now.
  9. stand clear of the offensive ads
    New Anti-Muslim Subway Ads Aim to Win Over New Yorkers With 9/11 ImagesPlaced next to every clock in the system.
  10. stand clear of the offensive ads
    Decent Human Beings Spreading Subway Love for MuslimsThe anti-Muslim ads are getting some competition.
  11. happy thanksgiving
    Halal Turkeys Are Tainting Thanksgiving, Says Pamela GellerIslam’s war on America is hitting the dinner table.
  12. ground zero mosque
    Update - Scenes From the Ground Zero Mosque VoteEmotions ran high as the Landmarks Preservation Commission made its decision.