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  1. just asking questions
    What Fresh Hell Is the New Bird-Flu Outbreak?Epidemiologist Katelyn Jetelina on how to think about the virus’s recent worrying trajectory.
  2. build back better
    Congress Decides to Learn Almost Nothing From PandemicCOVID cost America 734,000 lives and $16 trillion. Biden’s new Build Back Better bill invests just $2.7 billion into pandemic preparedness.
  3. public health
    Congress Is Already Botching the Next PandemicAs Delta surges, congressional Democrats are poised to slash Biden’s proposed investment in pandemic preparedness.
  4. pandemics
    The Inhuman Heroism of Health-Care Workers in the Ebola Zone The acts required to impose isolation on an infected population are brave and terrible.
  5. sad scary things
    The Lessons of the Dallas Ebola CaseEven the smallest mistakes by hospitals can have dire consequences.
  6. scary things
    Swine Flu: Not Just for the Outer Boroughs AnymoreA private school on the UES has shut its doors after students fell ill.
  7. scary things
    Comeback of the Year: Swine FluThree schools in Queens have shut down after an outbreak.
  8. panic-demics
    Live From Mexico: Avoiding Swine Flu While Working on That TanThis is no time to cancel a vacation! Um, right?
  9. panic-demics
    CDC Discourages Kissing As Swine Flu SpreadsSwine flu spreads, but not in proportion to the panic over swine flu.