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Pandit Bear

  1. real estate
    Want to Buy Vikram Pandit’s Greenwich Home?It’s on the market.
  2. pandit-bear
    How Vikram Pandit Got His Groove BackHint: $$$.
  3. pandit-bear
    Still No Raise for Vikram PanditSad trombone sound for Citigroup CEO.
  4. pandit-bear
    Vikram Pandit Has Been Watching Too Much Citizen KaneCitibank’s CEO feels “uncomfortable” at the top.
  5. photo op
    Here Is a Photo of Vikram Pandit Holding a FalconFun!
  6. earnings report
    Citigroup Thanks America Effusively for Allowing It to Make $4.4 BillionVikram Pandit likes you, he really likes you!
  7. fat cats
    Vikram Pandit Has a Smile on His Face and a Glimmer in His EyeA glimmer of money.
  8. economic indicators
    Vikram Pandit Is Eating His Feelings AgainThe Citigroup CEO has become a Sylvia’s regular.