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  1. Bratton: Stop Giving Money to HomelessBratton goes off script.
  2. Barefoot Panhandler Says He’s Wearing His New Boots, Just Not in PublicHe sounds like he’s explained himself a few times.
  3. windfalls
    Panhandlers Make GoodThanks to a windfall from the city.
  4. stand clear of the closing doors
    Mayor Bloomberg Pretty Sure There Are Barely Any Subway Panhandlers AnymoreSeems suspect.
  5. the most important people in the world
    How to Get Oprah to Part With $100Tell her a joke.
  6. spare a dime?
    Creative Panhandler Signs Appreciated, Still IneffectiveAt least they put a smile on your face. Isn’t that what it’s all about?
  7. the morning line
    It’s Giuliani Time • Rudy and Hillary, together again for the very first time. That’s right — Giuliani all but declared his presidential bid yesterday, filing a “Statement of Candidacy” with the FEC, meaning that the two candidates’ aborted Y2K power grapple for the Senate could finally be revived on a national stage. [NYT] • Mayor Mike Bloomberg rips into the $330 million hole in city funding created by Governor Eliot Spitzer’s new budget, claiming the cuts will rob NYC of twice that amount — and questioning Spitz’s claim that closing up some tax loopholes will balance out the loss. [NYP] • Six panhandlers sue the city for illegally arresting them after one of their own, Eddie Wise, scored $100,000 after a similar suit. They are just a few of a possible 7,000 such wrongful haul-ins. [NYDN] • Having obviously visited the wrong debt-management counselor, a Queens man beats a cop with a bat and steals his gun, aiming to pull off robberies to pay back $16,000. The cop is in critical but stable condition and the arrested thug faces 25 to life, with the debt still unpaid, presumably. [Newsday] • President Bush is putting $1.3 billion into the federal budget to help complete the Second Avenue subway — not to mention $215 mil to aid in bringing the Long Island Rail Road to Grand Central Terminal. [amNY]