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  1. donald trump
    I Don’t Know Where This Ends. But I Cannot Stop Panicking About November.Last night my wife and I were lying in bed. One of us said, “What if we lose?” Immediately, anxiety completely overwhelmed us.
  2. coronavirus
    Panicker-in-Chief Claims He Lied About COVID-19 to ‘Reduce Panic’Hardly a minute goes by that Trump isn’t trying to instill fear or induce panic. It’s his chosen strategy for reelection.
  3. panic
    For Wine Stores, Coronavirus Has Brought a ‘Fire Hose’ of CustomersOne wine shop owner talks about how busy the past week has been, and how it could all suddenly change for the worse.
  4. Why You Should(n’t) Panic About the Stock MarketA guide to whether you should be freaking out.
  5. Calligraphy Crisis Closes Virginia SchoolsSome parents interpreted the lesson as an attempt to indoctrinate their children into Islam.
  6. New York Ebola Doc Now Free of EbolaAnd no, you still don’t have it.
  7. ebola
    Here’s What Survivalists Are Buying to Prepare for the Ebola OutbreakTh Deluxe Ebola Pandemic Kit is just $49.99 (plus shipping).
  8. Stephen King: A Nuclear Attack Will Make You Forget All About Swine FluThis guy is such a ray of sunshine.
  9. Joe Biden Panicmongering Over Swine FluEven we in the media are impressed.
  10. panic-demics
    WHO Upgrades Swine-Flu AlertWe are apparently in phase five out of six in preparation for a global pandemic.
  11. panic-demics
    Live From Mexico: Avoiding Swine Flu While Working on That TanThis is no time to cancel a vacation! Um, right?
  12. panic-demics
    CDC Discourages Kissing As Swine Flu SpreadsSwine flu spreads, but not in proportion to the panic over swine flu.