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Paolo Pellegrini

  1. habits
    Pot, Pez Dispensers Filled With Smack All the Rage on Wall StreetThis explains a lot.
  2. putting shorts on with their shorts on
    Back in 2006, Morgan Stanley Traders Were More Interested in Golf Than in Creating CDOsEven when it comes to potentially criminal behavior, they can’t catch up.
  3. Paolo Pellegrini: Duh, of Course ACA Knew We Were Planning to Short AbacusA deposition from the former Paulson and Company employee contradicts the government’s case against Goldman Sachs.
  4. fi-cri fallout
    Maybe John Paulson Should Have Been Nicer to Paolo Pellegrini (Updated)Hell hath no fury like a hedge-fund manager scorned.
  5. italian men with money
    Hedge-Fund Manager Paolo Pellegrini Is a Jazz Lover With ‘Entry-level Supercars’John Paulson’s former right-hand man is charming in a Hannibal Lecter kind of way.