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  1. that happened
    Trump Even Managed to Be Weird With PaperThere’s more evidence that Trump routinely tore up documents and aides taped them back together. The jury’s still out on that time he ate a memo.
  2. This Adorable Printer Can Print, Scan, and Copy in a Pleasant WayIts function isn’t revolutionary, but it does making printing really fun and cute.
  3. media deathwatch
    Arianna Huffington Is Taking Over the Metro TomorrowBut only for a day.
  4. in other news
    ‘Paper’ Tigress: ‘You’ll Never Work in This Town Again!’Amanda Lorber of MTV’s reality show ‘The Paper’ gets in a feud with a ‘Columbia Spectator’ reporter.
  5. party lines
    Rihanna Has No Idea What to Do NextWhat’s 19-year-old Barbados-born singing sensation Rihanna supposed to do next, now that her ubiquitous (and awesome) summer song “Umbrella” has taken her halfway toward total world domination? We saw her at a Paper-magazine party the other day (she’s the mag’s latest cover girl), and we asked. And, well, she doesn’t seem to know. But she’s open to things. Movies? “I want to do comedy and action,” she told us. “I would love to do my own stunts. That would be fun.” Broadway? “Maybe,” she said. Then, “Definitely!” A fashion line? “I want to start something. I like mean-girl stuff. I like lingerie. I’m very extreme.” And what about the umbrella line? “They approached me. I’m thinking metallic, maybe. Or transparent’s cool — you gotta see the raindrops.” —Rachel Wolff
  6. party lines
    Mischa Barton Lives in Hoboken Mischa Barton is currently filming Assassination of a High School President with Bruce Willis in New Jersey, and the apartment she owns in Tribeca is rented out. So instead she’s taken up residence across the river, in Hoboken. “Every time I’ve come recently I’ve stayed in a hotel, which just feels lame,” the former O.C. star told us at Paper magazine’s dinner for its September cover girl, Rihanna, last night. “I’ve been hanging at friends’ flats in the city, and it made me want to get a place of my own.” Oh, that’s right, Mischa, you were born in London, where they have flats. We forgot. (Elsewhere at the party, Paper’s Mickey Boardman greeted guests in a sequined blazer, of the Elton John style. He prefers Rihanna’s “Breaking Dishes” from her new album over the more popular “Umbrella,” if you must know. “It shows a little bit of a rougher side,” he said.) “I think I need to be back here,” said Barton, who grew up in an apartment in the city. “I’m in my twenties now, and it would be nice to finally have my own place in the city. I like the East Village, Greenwich Village, and the meatpacking. I’m sort of a downtown girl.” Which is just as well. We needed a new haughty waif who thinks she’s British. Claire Danes is nearly 30. —Rachel Wolff
  7. the morning line
    Sprung From Cages on Highway 9 • New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine apologized from a wheelchair for the careless driving that led to his crash. Then he rode home from the hospital, fifteen miles over the speed limit. [NYP] • In the meantime, perennial bridesmaid Richard Codey is easing into his third acting-governor gig in six years — this time, unlike during the McGreevey denouement, without a personal staff and with an elected leader watching over him. [NYT] • Owner Hilly Kristal is having second thoughts about the CBGB-in-Vegas thing, turning down investor after investor because “the focus has to be on new acts, new interesting things.” We could certainly use that thinking for, let’s see, the last fifteen years of the original CB’s. [MetroNY] • After losing two men in a week to freak train accidents, MTA has decided to halt all track work pending a safety review. Workers say that a lack of two-way radios may be to blame. [amNY] • And “as a thank-you to our readers,” the Daily News costs 25 cents this week — starting, that is, the exact same day the Post began charging 50 cents again. The extreme-skinflint demographic is theirs! Temporarily! [NYDN]
  8. photo op
    And How Much Do You Have to Tip That Delivery Guy? From Curbed: Big couch, small window, Williamsburg. We giggled. CurbedWire: Big Couch in a Small Window [Curbed]