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  1. paranoia
    The City Rolls Out a New PSA About … Nuclear War?Behold the Department of Emergency Management’s strange PSA on what to do if New York is hit with a nuke.
  2. Trump May Make Visitors to U.S. Hand Over Their Social-Media Passwords“Extreme vetting” may require even short-term visitors from U.S. allies to hand over their phones, passwords, finances, and ideological views.
  3. thinking outside the box
    My Crazy Theory About MH370 Went Viral WorldwideEven the Russians responded.
  4. paranoia
    NRA Reminds Gun-Loving Voters to Fear EverythingA peek into the election issue of their fearmongering magazine.
  5. crimes and misdemeanors
    ‘Virtual Factory’ of Fraud Discovered in LIRR Credit Card Scam“Thousands of dollars of losses on more than 50 accounts.”
  6. scott brown
    Scott Brown Tells Supporters to Be Wary of … Rachel Maddow“I’m sure she’s a nice person — I just don’t think America can afford her liberal policies.”
  7. good luck with your head demons
    Barry Diller Is Not Eating ThatBecause if he does, “they” will come to get him.
  8. intel
    CopCabs Are Totally Freaking Us Out Right NowIf cops are riding around undercover in yellow cabs, where else could they be?