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  1. politics
    Biden Promises: No Pardon for TrumpSure, Biden wants to promote bipartisanship as president, but there would be rioting in the streets were he to pardon Trump.
  2. the national interest
    Trump Is Ordering Crimes to Get Wall Built Before ElectionA wormhole in the Constitution that opens up absolute impunity from the law for the president and his supporters.
  3. Trump Says He Has the Right to Pardon HimselfIt’s a possibility that only an innocent man would be contemplating.
  4. the law
    Judge Rules That Trump Pardon Doesn’t Erase Joe Arpaio’s ConvictionShe said he escaped punishment, but that doesn’t “revise the historical facts.”
  5. Trump Pondering Pardon for Racial Profiler Joe ArpaioAs he dragged his feet on condemning racist violence this weekend, the president was thinking fondly of the nativist demagogue Joe Arpaio.