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  1. mccloskeys
    Gun-Waving McCloskeys Get PardonedIt’s nice to have sympathizers in high places.
  2. criminal justice
    When Will Joe Biden Start Using His Clemency Powers?The president has signaled he wants to grant more pardons and commutations. The time to begin is now.
  3. pardons
    Trump Will Reportedly Pardon Anyone With a PulseFeel like you’re been wronged? Just want some excitement in your life? You could be next.
  4. trump pardons
    Everyone Trump Might Pardon Before He Leaves OfficeFrom his three eldest children to Tiger King’s Joe Exotic, there are a number of people the president may try to pardon — including himself.
  5. pardons
    DOJ Investigating ‘Bribery-for-Pardon’ Scheme Involving White HouseGOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy and Jared Kushner’s lawyer were reportedly enlisted in a plot to trade clemency for an ally for a “substantial” sum.
  6. pardons
    The Lesson Trump Pardonees Learned in Prison: Prison Is Brutal and UnfairThe Trump era is marked by many people’s dawning realization of how awful prison is when they personally have to endure it.
  7. pardons
    President Trump’s Big Day of Pardons and CommutationsOn Tuesday, Trump pardoned or commuted the sentences of 11 felons convicted of fraud, drug trafficking, selling a Senate seat, and more.
  8. war crimes
    Trump’s War-Crimes Pardons Invite the Mayhem He LovesAn outlaw president naturally wants to celebrate outlaw behavior in the military, too.
  9. war crimes
    Trump Steps Back From Plan to Pardon War Criminals: ReportBacklash from veterans reportedly caused the president to rethink his plan to pardon convicted and alleged war criminals around Memorial Day.
  10. memorial day
    Military Brass Warn Trump Against Memorial Day Pardons for War CriminalsCurrent and former military leaders think it’s a terrible way to celebrate Memorial Day.
  11. war crimes
    Will Trump Go Nixonian With Clemency for American War Criminals?Trump is reportedly mulling clemency for several men accused of war crimes, reminiscent of Nixon beneficiary William Calley.
  12. rule of law
    Trump Wants to Make War Criminals Great AgainThe pardon-happy president seems set to celebrate Memorial Day by disregarding core principles of service and military justice.
  13. white house
    Here’s Everyone Trump Has PardonedConservative folk heroes, activists, and one long-deceased boxer.
  14. pardons
    Trump Pardons Billionaire Friend Conrad Black, Who Wrote Glowing Book About HimBlack wrote that Trump isn’t racist, and was convicted of obstruction of justice after siphoning money from his newspaper. No wonder Trump likes him.
  15. war crimes
    Trump Pardons Former Soldier Who Murdered Naked Iraqi PrisonerMichael Behenna drove a detainee into the desert, stripped him naked, then shot him dead. He was already on parole before the pardon.
  16. russia investigation
    Trump Won’t Rule Out Pardons Despite Advice From Wary Advisers“I don’t want to talk about pardons now, but I can say it’s so sad on so many levels,” Trump told Hannity Wednesday.
  17. pardons
    Fox News Host: Trump Said He’d ‘Consider’ Manafort PardonTrump may be testing the waters in an upcoming interview, though legal experts and Senate Republicans warn that pardoning Manafort is a bad idea.
  18. the national interest
    The Rule of Law Is Crumbling Further Each Day Under TrumpFootball, pardons, and the authoritarian nightmare.
  19. Trump Floats Pardon of Muhammad Ali, Who Doesn’t Need OneThe boxing great’s conviction for draft evasion was overturned by the Supreme Court in 1971.
  20. the national interest
    Trump Is Probing the Constitution for Weaknesses, and Finding ThemThe president discovering seemingly innocuous power to impose tariffs and hand out pardons has potential for abuse.
  21. Why Trump Isn’t Pardoning Allies Caught in the Mueller Probe — YetHis recent pardons may be a signal to figures like Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort, but don’t expect him to try the risky maneuver anytime soon.
  22. What the Hell Was Sylvester Stallone Doing at the White House?President Trump posthumously pardoned an all-time great boxer Thursday, and a guy who played a boxer in a movie was on hand to witness it.
  23. New York AG Calls for Closing Presidential Pardon LoopholeRight now, if Trump pardons cronies for a federal offense, New York can’t prosecute them for crimes related to the same act.
  24. Obama Just Shortened 61 Drug Offenders’ Prison SentencesMore than a third of them were serving life sentences. 
  25. Cuomo Could Pardon Thousands of Youthful Offenders in the Near FutureAround 10,000 people may be eligible. 
  26. genius ideas
    Queen Pardons WWII Code-Breaker Alan Turing for Gay ConvictionBecause the sentence was “unjust and discriminatory.”
  27. dad-in-chief
    Watch This Supercut of Terrible Presidential Turkey-Pardon JokesTurkeys: saved. Punch lines: butchered.
  28. early and awesome
    Obama Slipped a Nate Silver Joke and a Romney Jab Into His Turkey PardonObama says he has “one more gift to give.”
  29. gunslingers
    Billy the Kid Comes Near Pardon, Misses AgainFor such a sharpshooter, he can’t nail this one.
  30. photo op
    President Obama Spares Two Turkeys From Annual Ritualistic GenocideAnd makes a joke!