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Parental Rights

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    Parental-Rights Extremism Is on the MarchTrump’s education proposal is a revealing document.
  2. parental rights
    School Vouchers Are Dysfunctional by DesignFlorida’s program pays for theme-park trips and big-screen TVs.
  3. education
    The Godfather of ‘Parental Rights’ Is a Longtime Enemy of Public SchoolsHomeschool advocate Michael Farris has found a new way to pursue his crusade to replace public schools with subsidized private education.
  4. the right
    A Generation Moves OnRight-wing indoctrination is heady, but it doesn’t always stick.
  5. education
    Glenn Youngkin Won’t Stop Undermining Public SchoolsIt’s ludicrous to think that parents alone should control every school decision affecting their kids.
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    The Rights Blue States May Lose If the GOP Returns to PowerToday Republicans are all about states’ rights. If they win in 2024, they’ll likely embrace federal activism on everything from abortion to voting.
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    Is Education a Public Good or a Private Benefit?The goal of greater parental rights in public schools, which Glenn Youngkin campaigned on, can eventually undermine the very idea of public education.
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    6 Takeaways From Glenn Youngkin’s Win in VirginiaEarly data suggests the Republican governor-elect benefited from higher turnout in pro-GOP areas and among white working-class voters in particular.
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    Is It Time for Democrats to Panic About Virginia — and the Midterms?Here’s some reassurance even for Democrats who are worried Glenn Youngkin’s defeat of Terry McAuliffe for governor would foretell a 2022 disaster.
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    Chuck Schumer Defends Parents’ Rights to Sit by Their Kids on PlanesMany airlines are charging more for consecutive seats.