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Paris Attack

  1. ISIS Claims Second Deadly Attack of the WeekendAs Ramadan approaches, the group may be gearing up to flex whatever muscle it has left.
  2. paris attack
    Suspected Planner of Paris Attacks Killed in Police RaidThe other suspect who died was Abaaoud’s cousin, who reportedly blew herself up during the raid.
  3. stick it to isis
    Seattle Gum Wall Becomes Tribute to Paris Gum-chewers for giving peace a chance.
  4. French Dad Movingly Explains Attacks to His Son“The flowers and candles are here to protect us.”
  5. The Vine Heard Round the WorldThe video service isn’t your first stop for news, but it might be soon.
  6. the national interest
    The Return of Republican IslamophobiaWhy the right demands a clash of civilizations.