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  1. world trade center
    No Human Remains Found Near 9/11 Plane DebrisThe piece of a 767 was removed today.
  2. world trade center
    Officials Waiting to Get a Look at 9/11 DebrisMeanwhile, some are suggesting that it was planted.
  3. real estate
    Park51 Can’t Be Evicted YetA judge has granted an injunction, but also raised their rent.
  4. ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Faces Eviction Over Back RentOwes Con Ed $1.7 million.
  5. wal-mart
    A Day of Wal-Mart Bashing, With a Side of Ground Zero Mosque Protests (Remember Those?)Before a City Council hearing, revisiting the last building that was supposedly going to disgrace the skyline.
  6. bieberpocalypse
    Justin Bieber Has Not, in Fact, Weighed In on the Ground Zero Muslim Community CenterContrary to what some foes would have you believe.
  7. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Reportedly Considering Buying St. Vincent’s HospitalAnd allegedly moving the Park 51 Islamic Center over there.
  8. ground zero mosque mania
    Saudi Billionaire Doesn’t Want a Mosque Near Ground ZeroThe sheikh with ties to both Rupert Murdoch and Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf says it would be too close to a strip club.
  9. bons mots
    Bill O’Reilly Inspires Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar to Walk Off The ViewWatch the video.
  10. the ground zero mosque that is actually an inter-faith center
    The Ground Zero Mosque Will Be So Hip, Everyone Will Stop Fighting“It’s not a mosque and it’s not at Ground Zero.”
  11. park 51
    Influential Muslim Organizations to Discuss Park 51 Controversy Today“Grassroots support [for Park 51] is building.”
  12. party chat
    John Walsh on Fashion Week, America’s Most Wanted, and the Downtown Islamic CenterAll subjects that fit together seamlessly, no?
  13. land of the free
    By the Way, There Was a Muslim Prayer Center in the World Trade Center While It Still StoodMeanwhile, the ‘Post’ presents us with a tasteful human splatter map.
  14. ground zero mosque
    NYC Imam Says There Are No Plans to Move Location of Islamic Community CenterAlso, Trump’s offer falls flat.
  15. ground zero mosque
    Donald Trump Offers to Buy the Ground-Zero Mosque, Not That He Likes the Location“I am making this offer as a resident of New York and a citizen of the United States.”
  16. cable news news
    Fox News Will Not Cover the Koran Burning [Updated]What to make of this?
  17. park51
    Park51 Unveils Spiffy New LogoAlso, the group is trying to get its Twitter page verified.
  18. ground zero mosque
    Did Sharif El-Gamal Get a Bargain on the Park 51 Space?Perhaps.
  19. ground zero mosque
    Park51 Faces Questions Over Reportedly Unpaid TaxesDoes Sharif El-Gamal owe $224,000?
  20. ground zero mosque
    Park 51’s Fund-raising Doing All Right“We will not take money from Iran.”
  21. awful things
    Alleged Taxicab Slasher Was Intoxicated, Also Filming Afghan War DocPlus more updates.
  22. awful things
    Man Stabs Cab Driver in Manhattan for ‘Being Muslim’See?
  23. ground zero mosque
    Bloomberg: Moving Mosque Would ‘Compromise Our Commitment to Fighting Terror With Freedom’Mayor gives his second speech in support of the mosque.
  24. ground zero mosque mania
    News Corp. Remains Silent on Daily Show Accusations of Hypocritical Park51 FearmongeringBecause what’s the fun in acknowledging it?
  25. ground zero mosque
    Governor Paterson: ‘The Terrorists Are Laughing’So, he still wants the mosque to be moved, and for everybody to just stop bickering.
  26. ground zero mosque
    The Ground Zero Mosque: For Every Reaction, There’s an Equal and Opposite ReactionaryPelosi and Dean disagree, and more people weigh in.
  27. ground zero mosque
    Is the Ground Zero Mosque Moving?The latest news.
  28. land of the free
    Mayor Bloomberg Wrote His Own Lines for Ground Zero Mosque SpeechAnd they were good ones.
  29. ground zero mosque
    Ground Zero Mosque Gets Less Muslim-Invasion-Sounding NameManhattan will not be the next Islamic caliphate.