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  1. are u coming?
    Blockchain Bros and Crypto Socialites Came to Party“It’s like Pretty Woman meets The Great Gatsby, but with crypto.”
  2. celebrations
    What Biden Has Planned for His July 4 ‘Independence’ From COVID PartyThe U.S. probably won’t hit Biden’s goal to vaccinate 70 percent of adults by July 4, but that won’t keep him from throwing a party on the South Lawn.
  3. choices
    Which Type of Gatsby Party Are You Hosting?You’ve had a year and a half to decide. Now 2020 is upon us.
  4. Trump Celebrates Success of Passing a Bill Through One House of CongressAnd revisiting their greatest anti-Obamacare hits.
  5. Scenes From the Breitbart CPAC LuauAs conservatism faces an existential crisis, a tour through CPAC’s afterparties proves educational.
  6. Malcolm Gladwell, Nick Denton, and More on the Future of Media at Slate’s 20thDoes David Remnick miss Gawker?
  7. the yesteryear issue
    After Midnight: A Scrapbook of Late-Night New YorkRoaming the city’s streets after dark, from the Vanderbilt Ball in 1883 to George Michael on the dance floor at Sound Factory.
  8. Gamergate Supporters Partied at a Strip Club This WeekendHow 8Chan celebrated its first birthday.
  9. saturday night
    Rob Ford Had Another Bizarre Night Out in Toronto“I just don’t know exactly where the hell he is.”
  10. the racie for gracie
    Who Had the Best Election Night Bar?Catsimatidis served top-shelf booze for free.
  11. the internet
    Dutch Girl’s Facebook Party Attracts Bad CrowdHer public event invite attracted 4,000 rowdy strangers.  
  12. parties
    Bloomberg Hosts City’s Top Brass for Gourmet Cook-OffTop city officials whipped up bourbon-chocolate beignets.
  13. school daze
    Cathie Black Wasn’t Drunk When She Drove Her SUV Into Tree After Tree in the Hamptons“I’m going to enjoy my summer!”
  14. sad banks
    The Black Eyed Peas Refused to Sing for Deutsche BankersThey would only lip-synch.
  15. the future is coming
    Random 16-Year-Old Girl’s Birthday Party Becomes German Social Event of the Year1,500 people showed up.
  16. hipsters
    Somebody’s Been Documenting All of Williamsburg’s Underground PartiesSo you don’t have to.
  17. facebook billionaires
    Sean Parker Hates That You Think He Is a Billionaire With a Fabulous House, Hot Girlfriend, and Amazing Parties“Even if I set out to throw a really small party, there’s expectations about what it’s going to be like.”
  18. bright young things
    Diversity Rules at Annual Debutante BallSome debs were blonde, and some were brunette! That counts, right?
  19. early and awkward
    Washington Insiders Annoyed to Find Velvet Rope Inside White HouseWelcome to life, people.
  20. party lines
    Wendy Williams Doesn’t Need a Man, Unless Her Car Breaks DownWe caught up with the talk-show host at the125th anniversary celebration for ‘Good Housekeeping.’
  21. sigh
    Here’s the Location of That Really Cool Party You Were Only Supposed to Vaguely Know You Didn’t Know AboutOnly now you probably don’t even care.
  22. pretty people
    New Year’s Eve With the Jet Set: Gaga in Miami, the Box in MoscowMustique is so last year.
  23. hipsters
    Meet Nick Gray, Thrower of ‘Culturally Significant’ Williamsburg PartiesA hipster profile.
  24. party lines
    Daily Intel Outperformed by Martha Stewart’s French BulldogsIt hurts. Yes, it does.
  25. party lines
    Desirée Rogers Doesn’t Have Time to Go to Parties Outside the White HouseExcept for this one at the School of American Ballet here in New York, which is where she told us she didn’t have time for parties.
  26. office-party patrol
    We Went to Our First Office Party of the Season!And we didn’t even have to crash. Our annual holiday-party reviews begin. (Oh, and invite us to your own!)
  27. election hangover
    The Election-Aftermath SlideshowLast night was historic. We know because we couldn’t get any sleep with all of you hollering on the streets. Just kidding, we were black-out on Old Granddad — nothing could have woken us up.
  28. It’s His Building and He’ll Dance If He Wants ToLast night the only elder philanthropist on the dance floor at the NYPL Young Lions Disco Party was Steve Schwarzman.
  29. party chat
    Alan Cumming’s One Crazy Election NightOur absolute favorite actor tells us about what he did the night George Bush won in 2004.
  30. party chat
    Tom Arnold & David Carr on How to Eat & Be ManlyAt a party for ‘How to Lose Friends and Alienate People,’ the comedian and the media writer share with us how to do exactly that.
  31. party lines
    Margaret Cho Wants to Get in Bed With LesbohanShe’d like to lure the celebrity couple into a sexual situation that we had to look up in order to fully comprehend. Plus, she thinks we should leave John Edwards alone!
  32. party lines
    Would You Get Naked in the City? Celebrities Weigh InWe quizzed stars like Kirsten Dunst, Will Ferrell and Simon van Kempen on where (or whom!) they’d like to get naked within the city limits. And we want to hear your stories!
  33. party lines
    Rufus Albemarle Says Good-bye to New York, Gives Good Credit AdviceThe famous bon vivant (and Earl) has some wise words to young expats making their way in New York.
  34. party lines
    Moby Demonstrates His Stealth Slut Powers to UsAt an exclusive party last night, Moby demonstrates his magic.
  35. party lines
    Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker: Enablers?They’re both still smokers. Did you know that? We didn’t. And they’ve already piqued the interest of their 5-year-old son, James Wilkie.
  36. early and often
    Axelrod: ‘I Can Sleep in November’David Axelrod, honored last night for his work on epilepsy research, says he “can sleep in November.”
  37. party lines
    A Very Sad Story: The Day Angela Lansbury’s Puppy Walked AwayThe ‘Murder She Wrote’ star admits the true tale behind why she no longer owns dogs.
  38. ink-stained wretches
    When Party Reporters Turn 30: The Miraculous Transformation of Spencer MorganFrom late-night club-crawler to squeaky clean, soon-to-be married dad. Is this a sign of our times?
  39. intel
    Lydia Hearst Pimps Out Her Aspiring Singer Boyfriend!We just personally got invited to a party by Lydia Hearst! She said “Hey You!” in the subject line!
  40. party lines
    Denise Rich’s Wedding Singing Can Move Almost Anyone to TearsThe songwriter was a bridesmaid for Ivana Trump last weekend, and she tells us about her ultimate party trick.
  41. party lines
    Natasha Bedingfield Has a Crush on Scarlett JohanssonAnd RZA has one on Mick Jagger! At least, that’s what they said at a Belvedere party last night.
  42. intel
    ‘Take Home a Nude’ Art Auction Is Worth WatchingWe have video of some celebutantes talking about getting naked. Or at least buying art of people who already have.
  43. in other news
    ‘Vanity Fair’ to Cancel Its Legendary Oscar PartyAccording to Radar, the latest victim of the writers’ strike is the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Usually held at Morton’s, it was scheduled to be at Craft this time around. Bummer, man! How is Graydon going to peddle reservations to the Waverly Inn for the rest of the spring? Vanity Fair to Cancel Oscar Party [Radar] Press Announcement: Vanity Fair Cancels Oscar Party [Vanity Fair]
  44. office-party patrol
    Video: UCB, We Are Scientists Rock Your Office Party Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and We Are Scientists joined New York Magazine on Wednesday for an office party a little more rocking than those uptight affairs we’ve been covering in recent weeks. While the company president got drunk and the intern repeated everything he’d overheard during his not-brief-enough tenure, at least there was a rock band to compensate for the awkwardness. Plus, everyone who came got a subscription to New York. This actually sounds way better than our holiday party. (Ahem.) Stay tuned for more New York by New York events in 2008. Not Your Holiday Office Party [Video] New York by New York
  45. party lines
    Paps No Match for Moms at ‘Rocket Science’ PremiereThe Regal Union Square Cinemas were taken over last night by the star-sprinkled premiere of Rocket Science, the high-school-debate-team comedy which features a gaggle of comely twentysomethings. For once the paparazzi were outflashed and outshouted — by the scrum of stage parents roped off on the other side of the red carpet. “The first time I ever did a play — my parents over here will remember this — I forgot all of my lines and started bawling,” explained actor Nick D’Agosto, winking at his adoring mother. D’Agosto is currently filming scenes opposite Hayden Panettiere for the fall season of Heroes. He plays her superpowered boyfriend, and omg! They get to kiss! “I have a girlfriend, but it was great. It is wonderful,” he said. “So, I’m going to play that down.” Oops, too late for that. —Brett Amelkin Bonus Party Lines: More photos and quotes from the Rocket Science premiere.
  46. party lines
    E Pluribus, Man BandVH1’s latest genius concept show, Mission: Man Band, debuts today at, well, now. But last night its stars, former boy-banders being molded for your viewing pleasure into the grown-up boy band Sure Shot, celebrated the premiere at Gramercy’s Runway Club. The band’s four members — who hail from Color Me Badd, LFO, 98 Degrees, and ‘N Sync (the Backstreet Boys, apparently, think they still have their original careers) — were disappointingly nice and PR-trained and heterosexual-seeming. 98 Degrees’ Jeffrey Timmons said the show was a “great opportunity” and brought up the possibility of reuniting with his former mates, including Nick Lachey. “I think it’s definitely about that time,” he said, likely noting that Lachey has done nothing musical since Vanessa Minnillo gave him just one night (una noche!).
  47. party lines
    Chopra Bails on Album Party, But André the Muse ImpressesRasa Music’s launch party last night for Mothers, a collection of remixed African songs, was quite likely the first event of its kind to take place at ABC Carpet & Home. It was billed as a chance to meet Deepak Chopra, but Deepak didn’t make it. A low-key Padma Lakshmi, though, swung by for a chat with DJ Donna D’Cruz, Rasa’s chief and also Lakshmi’s compatriot (both, the author explained to us, hail from the same corner of India). But the focal point of the evening — which, for the record, meant upstaging Patricia Field falling out of a cut-up T-shirt — was André J., who is famous for “wearing calmness” (as well as an Afro and a poncho) in what could be New York’s most memorable Look Book. The self-described “muse,” who since his Look Book appearance has switched to gleaming helmet hair and moved down the alphabet to André K., defined his role in the launch as “I am this room. I am this party.” We didn’t argue. He then picked up some balled-up napkins and brought us a Chardonnay. Thanks. Related: Look Book: A Cheerful Muse [NYM]
  48. show and talk
    CFDA Welcomes New Members, Prepares for the Tents As New York’s fashion designers count the days till Fashion Week, which starts this year on September 5, two days after Labor Day, battles for models and tent times are heating up. But at the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s party for new members at Diane von Furstenberg’s studio last night, no one would name — and only a few would acknowledge — the most diva-ish designers, who politick to cast and schedule most fiercely. “There are model problems sometimes,” acknowledged Stan Herman, a board member and former president. “There are time-slot problems sometimes. There are moments that designers go, ‘I can’t show next to that person’ or ‘I won’t show next to that person.’ But not very many.”
  49. party lines
    Strippers, Socialites, Animals, and Art at Watermill Benefit Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center is kind of like a summer camp for young artists, and its annual benefit is perhaps the most amazingly odd party we attend. Saturday night was no exception. We walked into cocktails to find a naked and rather chunky woman blindfolded and covered in fake blood; as the evening went on she occasionally broke glasses of milk on the ground. The woods nearby were filled with plasma television screens showing Wilson’s video portraits of various animals — a toad, a porcupine, a shaggy dog — and as you walked along the path, people dressed as incredibly stylish animals would scatter or approach at your every step, until you ended your walk at a group of Tibetan drummers. (At cocktail hour last year, there were people in skintight black and white spandex suits with giant globes attached to their heads and limbs.)
  50. party lines
    Big Laughs and Small Food at ‘The Ten’ PremiereThe Wet Hot American Summer gang — the Stella gang? Part of the State gang? — is back with a new movie: The Ten. It’s ten sketches, each inspired by one of the Ten Commandments, and it premiered last night at the DGA Theater in midtown. The after-party was at Avalon in Chelsea, and our Party Lines crew reports it was particularly late and particularly boozy, with a D.J. playing oldies, lots of small food (mini-burgers, mini–croque monsieurs), and big crowds on the smoking porch. What did David Wain, Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black, Paul Rudd, Kerri Kenney, Gretchen Mol, Winona Ryder, and lots of others have to say at the party? Why was Chris Meloni wearing that ridiculous hat and Janeane Garofalo that crazy jacket? Why was Winona wearing an overcoat and a hat? (Does she have her own weather system?) All those answers at our Interactive Party Lines. ‘The Ten’ Screening [NYM]
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