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    Bijou Phillips Wants Michael Vick Dead Horses were not the only thing kicking dirt at the Mercedes-Benz Bridgehampton Polo Tournament this weekend. We asked Bijou Phillips what she thought of the dog-fighting allegations against Michael Vick, and she was pissed. “It’s disgusting. It’s unbelievable,” Bijou seethed. “If he did what they say he did, I think he should be shot. They should do to him whatever he did to those dogs.” Yikes. We’ve got more scathing thoughts from Reggie Jackson, Danny Masterson, Aretha Franklin, and others in our Interactive Party Lines. Bijou Phillips, Reggie Jackson, and others at the Mercedes-Benz Bridgehampton Polo Tournament [NYM]
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    Explosion Damage Damages ‘Damage’ PartyHuman beings build mental models for things. You don’t really think about your commute into work; you just do it, the same as you do every day. This is why every now and then, when you walk to that same subway station to go someplace else, you get on that usual morning-commute train even though you mean to go the other way. Well, we have a model for party reporting, and last night we were set to cover the after-party for Glenn Close’s new FX drama, Damages, which we were told was at Cipriani’s. We assumed that meant Cipriani 42nd Street, so we left the office at the end of the day on autopilot. We saw some police barricades; we ignored them. We turned onto 42nd Street. There were a lot of bright lights. The street was blocked off. Wow, we thought, big premiere.
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    What Animal Scares Jeff Corwin the Most? Shark Week is an annual Discovery Channel tradition, and the network celebrated the institution’s twentieth anniversary with a big Pier 60 party the other night. “We don’t do toaster week or ostrich week,” Discovery host Mike Rowe commented, although “twice as many people died from ostriches as from sharks, 250 died from toasters, and only eight died from sharks. (Somehow we don’t think “Toaster Week” would deliver the same ratings.) We ran into Animal Planet star Jeff Corwin at the party — who famously had a terrifying run-in with an angry elephant — and we asked him about sharks and other scary animals.
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    At JT’s Restaurant Opening, Long Waits, Bad PR, and a Gratuitous Insult to Our Intrepid Party ReporterWe have rarely come across a press event as epically bad (and badly run) as last night’s opening of Justin Timberlake’s gratuitous addition to the city’s barbecue scene, Southern Hospitality. Press and fans waited for over three hours for the man of the hour to arrive. (The publicists explained that he was always scheduled to arrive late, but insisted that the explosion at Grand Central was to blame for tardy red carpet. Um, we work in midtown and we made it to 76th Street and Second Avenue — JT’s new restaurant is across the street from frat-boy-heaven Brother Jimmy’s, naturally — in less than 30 minutes.) A weird mishmash of boldfacers were in attendance: Seth Green, Lance Bass, the Reverend Al Sharpton, local club owners, a dude from Making the Band 4 — few of whom would give print reporters more than one-word responses. (“A fire,” “three,” and “no,” if you must know.) Once Timberlake finally arrived, the publicists, in another brilliant move, placed security guards in front of the press line, rather than in front of the crowd that was surging toward the former boy-bander. Timberlake beelined for the television cameras, looking like a member of the world’s coolest barber-shop quartet in a vest and flat-brimmed hat.
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    At Opening, Phillip Lim Is Hot, and So Are His GuestsPhillip Lim — fresh off his CFDA womenswear triumph and busy collaborating with everyone from Uniqlo to Birkenstock — is hot. And so was the opening party for his first store, the 3.1 Phillip Lim boutique on Mercer Street, last night. The stylish crowd loves the endearingly bashful designer and his ridiculously adorable wares — the less-than-designer prices don’t hurt — which meant there were throngs in his Soho space last night, overwhelming the air conditioning. The only solution? Quaffing plenty of the chilled bubbly, generously provided by Veuve Cliquot. Even so, perhaps the only person whose hair didn’t wilt in the humidity was Anna Wintour — but that’s because Lim immediately escorted the editor and her perfect bob downstairs and away from the crowd. Designers and social girls and fashion assistants were all there, as was Debra Messing, who had never met Lim before and tried to stay cool by the bar. The actress was adorable in a pouffed black Lim dress, though overaccessorized with a distracting headband also from the designer. Even with beloved Phillip, there can be too much of a good thing. —Nan Wolfe
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    The ‘Hairspray’ Premiere: Mama, It’s a Big Movie Now Last night’s big New York premiere for Hairspray — one of many being held around the country — brought out movie stars, Broadway stars, musicians, and even a big queen. By which we mean Miss Latifah, of course, who plays Motormouth Maybelle in the movie — although, yes, Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, the show’s composer-lyricist couple were there, plus Lance Bass, who takes over the Corny Collins role on Broadway next month. On the red carpet, Bass told us he arrived in New York two days ago and has four agents from competing brokerages working on his apartment hunt. (Ah, to be a boy-band alum!) Wittman and Shaiman joked about what a loose woman John Travolta became the moment he put on Edna’s drag.
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    Patrick McMullan Wants to Know Who You Are Patrick McMullan, the city’s best-known photog-about-town, provides a pictorial record of just about every New York party worth mentioning. (In what might shock those who’ve followed his career since the days of Studio 54, McMullan himself isn’t omnipresent; he long ago set up a stable of young men — they’re all young men — who help him make a showing at all those events each night.) Usually, the photos end up on his Website, PatrickMcMullan.com, and in all sorts of magazines, including New York. But now they’re being displayed in a gallery-ish exhibition. Over the past few weeks, he and curator Gavin Brown have picked photos from the PatrickMcMullan.com archives and dry-mounted them on the walls of the Chelsea bar Passerby, which loses its lease in September. That the whole enterprise may soon be torn down makes the whole thing even more artistic to McMullan, who — in great meta form — snapped photos of people looking at photos through the opening party the other night. Between snaps, he told us the secrets to his success.
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    At ‘Xanadu’ Opening Night, Disaster Is Only Narrowly AvertedIt was opening night last night for Xanadu, the Broadway musical based on what’s one of the most disastrously bad movies of all time. So it was only appropriate that the big night teetered on the edge of its own disasters. Things started badly when the NYPD showed up late with the crowd-control railings for the red carpet, prompting three suit-clad PR boys to wrestle the bulky barriers into place just before Olivia Newton-John — who starred in the original movie — stepped out of her limo. She was wearing an off-the-shoulder top that threatened to cause a disastrous nip-slip at any moment. Newton-John laughed through the performance, but she admitted that it brought back bad memories.
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    No Parties Today, and No Pool Sigh. Again no parties. And generally overcast weather. And scattered thunderstorms forecast for tonight and tomorrow. And the brand-new, spiffy Floating Pool is broken. (Yes, broken: Apparently some ballast tanks flooded, according to Gothamist, and now the whole thing is tilted. And closed.) We’re starting to think it’s going to be a long summer.
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    At NBA Draft Party, New Picks Know How to Say Nothing Only hours after the 2007 NBA rookie class met the sweet relief of draft night — where, for the lucky few, a lifetime of physical labor and overbearing sports parenting finally paid off — the newly minted millionaires got their real first taste of life in the league: the 4th Annual NBA Draft Party at midtown megaclub Pacha, usually the stomping ground of guys who don’t need the top three buttons of their shirts. We’ve never been in the back hallways of an NBA arena after a game, but we can’t imagine the crowd was much different from last night, where the sheer number of booty shorts made us understand how Shawn Kemp has fathered somewhere between seven and twenty-seven illegitimate children.
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    In Which a Party Reporter Is Embarrassed By Her Footwear We really ought to read press releases more carefully. Last night was the grand opening of Iris, a new store in the meatpacking district, and the release announced a “FALL 2008 PREVIEW OF: CHLOÉ, MARC JACOBS, JOHN GALLIANO, PAUL SMITH, VERONIQUE BRANQUINHO, AND VICTOR & ROLF.” We expected a runway show and celebrities. Exciting! So we trekked to Washington Street and Little West 12th. We were sweaty and clad in Havaiana flip-flops and a breezy polka-dot number from Ross Dress for Less (and — we’ll have you know — you wouldn’t believe the compliments we get). What we hadn’t read closely enough to discover is that Iris is a luxury shoe boutique. And when we arrived, well, if our feet had feelings, they would have been humiliated. The store is petite. And was packed. With intensely fashionable people. We stepped inside, did a quick lap among all those high-heeled sandals and perfectly pedicured toes, and walked right out. It was the fastest we’ve ever gone through a party. And then we rushed off to find friends in sneakers. Shoes in the store were cute, though. —Jada Yuan
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    College Humor Kids Party Like College Kids (But With Publicists and Money)Between the beer pong, the constant encouragement to chug our drinks, and the delivery pizza, last night’s College Humor party celebrating the Website’s recently selected “America’s Hottest College Girl” felt almost like a real college party — if your college parties were held on gorgeous midtown rooftops, organized by the high-powered publicists at Sunshine Sachs, and paid for by Barry Diller. As the sun set, College Humor editor Ricky Van Veen was working the crowd in a set of scrubs (no, we don’t know why) and The Office star B.J. Novak admitted that the girls at his alma mater, Harvard, weren’t quite as “wonderful” as the guest of honor, the University of Delaware’s very articulate Amber S., who, when asked to make a speech, settled on “I love you all!” followed by some giggles. She’d better love everyone: Winning the contest, in which College Humor users voted on the most-attractive college girl through an NCAA-style bracket competition, brought Amber $10,000, which she says she’ll put toward student loans. Soon enough, the free booze ran out and the party wound down. The true partyers forged on, as those college types do, to greener pastures downtown. —Lillien Nathan
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    Brad and Angie Come to Town for Press Event, Won’t Talk to Press A few things about film premieres: The popcorn and soda are free, and the stars almost always sneak out after the introductory remarks (by directors, producers, French people). But when the stars in question are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt — as they were last night at the Ziegfeld, for the premiere of the Danny Pearl film A Mighty Heart — the sneak-out becomes a half-hushed spectacle of its own. Awkward! Earlier, on arrival, they’d been much more overt, showing up in a black SUV and signing autographs and shaking hands before prowling the red carpet. Yes, they’re eye-bleedingly attractive, even if she needs a cupcake and he a nap. And, no, they wouldn’t talk to any print reporters.
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    Red Carpet Canceled (Gasp!) at Fabolous CD PartyThe release party last night for Fabolous’s new album, From Nothin’ To Somethin’, wasn’t a complete bust; Fab seemed to be having a good time, eventually, posted atop a corner couch at Runway with a bottle of Level vodka and mugging for pics with the megaproducer Swizz Beats, his buddy. But outside, things went less well. It started early when one invited guest — Teyana, the My Super Sweet Sixteen subject turned Pharrell protégé — walked face-first into the bar’s strict I.D. policy. Even borderline real celebrities like Cassie, the pop singer of “Me & U” fame, weren’t immune: She couldn’t get in, either. Even worse, the I.D. checks left an ever-swelling crowd waiting to get in; people yelled, charges of incompetence were leveled, and club management shut down the red carpet before Fabolous even showed. That meant there were none of the usual red-carpet interviews for reporters, which is why we can’t tell you anything definite about anyone in attendance and are forced instead to invent completely unfounded gossip about the guest of honor. Let’s say that Fab, too, has become a fan of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” and has recently taken up, um, horticulture. “It helps me think,” he might have said, if we had spoken to him, and if it were true. —Amos Barshad
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    At ‘Diana’ Party, Tina Brown Talks About Small Mags, and Bloomberg Won’t Talk About Tony Soprano These days, Tina Brown is into small magazines. We learned this at the party celebrating her new Diana Chronicles at the sky-high Sony Club last night. “The magazine I like most is this German magazine called WorldWatch,” she told us. “It’s a combination of The American Lawyer and a hip picture magazine. It’s a terrific, smart-looking magazine. It’s the only magazine I long to edit, but it’s so small that I wouldn’t want to invest the time.” Many of the boldfaced guests — Harvey Weinstein, Barry Diller, Liz Smith, and Judy Miller, to name a few — were talking about Diana’s life and death, and about Tony Soprano’s.
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    Kanye West Celebrates His 30th Among Celebs, Leather Goods Are there always scantily clad go-go dancers gyrating among the luxury goods at the Louis Vuitton flagship on 57th Street? We’re guessing not — but there were last night for Kanye West’s 30th birthday party. There was also John Legend, who corralled the five levels of exuberant partiers into a happy-birthday sing-a-long for the dapper birthday boy while Diddy, Jay-Z, Pharrel Williams, Jermaine Dupri, and Mariah Carey hung out onstage and off. Fall Out Boy was there but left early (except Pete Wentz, who stayed on with Ashlee); Gabrielle Union and Ashanti came late. On the well-guarded fourth floor, socialites in short shorts were petting Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker’s endless tattoos. He played show-and-tell.
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    Duck Man, RFK Jr., Boldfacers Go Green at TheoryWhen we heard there’d be a “bazaar” to celebrate the green lifestyle at the new Theory store on Gansevoort Street, we hoped to find a carnival-esque atmosphere. Pin the Tail on the Kyoto Treaty. Bobbing for litter. Al Gore in a dunk tank. We were disappointed. Though the vegan, soy-and-dairy-free ice cream from Pure Food and Wine was divine, the party the other night felt, well, earthly – packed, as most parties are, with a bunch of people standing around and drinking. And listening. There’s no surer way to kill a buzz than a long and impassioned lecture from Robert Kennedy Jr. linking our failure to combat global warming to a failure in national security.
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    What Were Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson Doing in the Bathroom Together?So Pete Wentz and girlfriend Ashlee Simpson rushed into the Angels and Kings bathroom together at his 27th birthday party the other night, “Page Six” reported today. And we can confirm it’s true: We watched it happen. So what were the two of them doing in there? “Not cocaine,” Wentz pointedly told us a bit later, “which the British press would love to accuse me of. I walked her in there. She peed, and then I peed.” Exciting! What else did the Fall Out Boy front man do to celebrate his big day?
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    On the Hunt for J-Vanka at the Whitney Party: Success!The world still wonders: Are Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump dating? And so New York’s Party Lines team remains on the case, tracking J-Vanka through high-profile parties, looking for signs. At last night’s Whitney Art Party in Tribeca, our reporter picked up the scent. What did he find? The short version: They were talking and standing near each other; they left together and were last seen hopping into a chauffeured car and speeding off. The long version, full of detective work, time stamps, evasions, and rediscoveries: It’s after the jump (and sort of pruriently delicious).
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    Bowie, Beasties — and, Oh, Some Actual Internet People — Win Webby Awards The Webby Awards insist that acceptance speeches be only five words long. This proved something of a challenge last night for Lifetime Achievement winner David Bowie. “I only have five words — shit, that’s five,” quipped the Thin White Webmaster. “Four more … there, that’s three … two…” and then he was whisked away. The Beastie Boys, who won Artist of the Year, were more accessible, walking the red carpet (which is more than can be said for YouTube founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, Persons of the Year winners), sitting at a central table at Cipriani, and yukking it up onstage when accepting their award. “I’d like to apologize to David Bowie,” said Mike D. “I CC’d him on an e-mail that I sent to a lot of people, and he was really mad at me.” Third-time host Rob Corddry started the awards on a lowbrow note, asking fellow Soho Grand lodgers if they had used the hotel’s peppermint shampoo on their nether regions (“It tickles!”) and claiming that he had hit on 19-year-old Jessica Lee Rose, a.k.a. Lonelygirl15. Some speeches were quickly ridiculed. “Yelp is useful, funny, and cool,” said a rep for the site. “Except in their five-word speech,” amended Corddry.
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    Tinsley Mortimer Loves Danity Kane, Gets No Love From DiddyRelatively few boldfacers showed up for Diddy’s CFDA awards after-party at Marquee last night — do Top Model winner Caridee and Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day count as celebs? — but Tinsley Mortimer was one of them, arriving long before Diddy showed up. Tinsley occupied her time getting cozy with new BFFs Richie Rich and Trevor Raines, engaging in some groping with the former and hoisting up her white sequined dress to do a lap dance for the latter. But then she abandoned the Heatherette duo for — huh? — that chick from Danity Kane. Presumably this was a move to get closer to Diddy, who was holding court at a table nearby. Mortimer and the Danity Kane chick danced and flirted with random passersby, perhaps angling for Diddy’s attention. It didn’t seem to work. Once it became clear that Diddy either (a) had no idea who she was or (b) didn’t care, Mortimer, who was perpetually perched on a banquette, fiddled with her cell phone for a while before sneaking out inconspicuously. Top Model’s Caridee, meantime, stuck around on the unacknowledged outskirts of Diddy’s bevy of friends and bodyguards. —Rachel Wolff
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    The Fug Girls Crown the Next ‘It’ Party Girl With Paris Hilton summering in the slammer and Lindsay Lohan going cold turkey (again), America’s paparazzi, bartenders, and boy toys can breathe a sigh of relief. But it’ll be brief: With the tabloids’ two most popular subjects locked away, there’s a gaping hole atop the celebustarlet hierarchy, and Hollywood, like nature, abhors a vacuum. Who’s most likely to seize the “It” Party Girl crown?
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    But at Kelly Klein’s ‘Pools’ Party, People Stayed Dry Speaking of parties and pools, last night was also the relaunch party for Kelly Klein’s coffee-table book Pools, a volume of photographs of, well, swimming pools. It was held, naturally, at midtown’s Hotel QT, where you can take a dip while drinking at the lobby bar. Some boldfacers came and promptly left (ahem, Anna Wintour and Calvin Klein) while other stuck around and talked about their most memorable pool moments. “I’ve actually jumped into this pool with a wig on,” André Balazs, who owns the hotel, told us. “I had my birthday party here last year, where everybody got an Afro wig, because it looked like the kind of hair I used to have in high school.” Olivia Chantecaille’s top moment was pet-oriented. “I trained my dog to retrieve a bone from the bottom of the pool,” she told us, assuring us the pooch is fine playing fetch without oxygen. Aerin Lauder, meantime, was in mommy mode. “You know what, one of my kids went to the bathroom in the pool,” she said. “It was a pee-pee, so it was okay. But a sopping-wet diaper in a pool is a disgusting thing.” And we were surprised no one else had Kelly Klein’s answer. What was her craziest pool behavior? She lowered her voice, winked, and said, “Um, I bleeped. A lot.” —Genevieve Leon Earlier: At DVF Opening, It’s Everybody Into the Pool!
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    Our Dinner With Richard The Museum of Modern Art threw a dinner party last night to celebrate “Richard Serra Sculpture: 40 Years,” its huge retrospective of the artist’s work. Herewith, our complete conversation with Serra at the party: New York: Hi, I’m from New York Ma — Serra: [Silently walks away.] —Jocelyn Guest Related: Richard’s Arc [NYM]
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    Are the Navajo the Next Soccer Moms?So much for soccer moms and Nascar dads — Navajo leaders might be a key demographic presidential candidates should target. “A lot of us leave it up to the Navajo nation to make the decision for us,” Native American actor Adam Beach told us last week at the premiere party for HBO’s Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, in which he stars. He’s a Canadian, but he told us Native Americans in the United States tend to vote as a bloc, and they all look to the Navajo for guidance. “The Navajo nation is a very powerful nation when it comes to tradition, when it comes to language, when it comes to maintaining their identity,” he said during the party at the Museum of Natural History on the Upper West Side. “And as a people they’re very well connected with each other. So when they elect, it’s as a whole nation. No other nation is as collectively put together, so we’re very much with their decision.” But Hillary, Obama, and Rudy shouldn’t get worried they’ve missed their chance. In fact, they’ve got plenty of time to lock up this vote, Beach said. “It comes around to the actual week, you know?” —Bennett Marcus
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    At ‘Queen Mary’ Party, the Ship Is the Star Must-see TV might be gone for the summer, but last night’s Britannia Ball aboard the Queen Mary 2 was 20,000 leagues headier and more surreal than any Scrubs rerun. A New York City Opera–BAM benefit on the world’s biggest, most magnificent cruise ship, the gala was attended by stars — okay, admittedly sort of B-list stars — like Chevy Chase, Cynthia Nixon, Jill Hennessy, Carson Kressley, Lost’s Michael Emerson, and Patti LuPone, who performed torch songs in between cocktails and dinner in the ship’s Off Broadway–size theater. But the biggest star was the ship: almost incomprehensibly tall, long, and fancy, with dozens of restaurants and bar, six pools, a Canyon Ranch Spa, a planetarium (a planetarium!), and a mini-mall of luxe stores like Hermès, Chopard, and H. Stern. “I think I could shop my way through QM2,” Carson Kressley said over a cocktail.
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    ‘Radar’ Throws a Party, and We Discover We Are Not Cool Enough to Buy DrinksAnd what [owner Simon Hammerstein] absolutely doesn’t want is for the Box to be known as a club. “It’s a dinner theater!” Simon interjects sternly whenever you mention the C-word. “It could be the hottest club in New York,” adds Lucas, one of 30-odd investors. “But if that’s all it is, then it is a failure. If he turns it into a club, then I’m going to kick his ass.” — “What’s in the Box,” New York,February 5, 2007 Last night Radar magazine fêted its seventh issue at Hammerstein’s non-club. The invitation said the party would run from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. It was a pleasant affair. A few minutes after ten, we tried to order another drink. We expected the free bar to be closed; we pulled out our AmEx to open a tab. The barman would not accept it. No, no, we said, we know the open bar is closed, and we’ll pay. We were not permitted to. We were not cool enough. Our money was not good enough. We were to leave. We did. Sounds an awful lot like a club to us, no? Oh, also: We will never set foot in that place again.
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    Hotness Hard to Find at the ‘Maxim’ Hot 100 PartyWhere was the hotness at Maxim’s Hot 100 celebration at the Hotel Gansevoort last night? Maybe we were just frazzled after jumping a barrier and a velvet rope to get into the party — a Maxim party! — but once inside all we saw were fake breasts and former America’s Next Top Model contestants. A few famous people showed, if barely: As we dodged nipples of steel, we saw Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn walk the red carpet and then walk straight back to their car.
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    Elizabeth Hurley Bought the Farm, Stopped ActingElizabeth Hurley was in town recently for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s Hot Pink Party at the Waldorf, and we had to wonder where the shagedelic star has been lately: Her last movie, Serving Sara with Matthew Perry, opened in the United States a full five years ago. Her explanation? “I just can’t really make movies as well as be a mum and live in England,” she told us. “Something had to give, and I decided it wasn’t going to be my relationship with my son. I decided I wanted to take him to school every day, which I do.” Hurley, who married Indian businessman Arun Nayar in a bi-continental ceremony two months ago, said she hasn’t given up working, just acting. She’s a spokeswoman for Liz Claiborne and has started her own beachwear company. And she’s become a farmer. “I have a large farm in the country in England,” she said. “And it’s all organic. So basically, right now, I’m really into produce.” —Rachel Wolff
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    You and Me and Liz Smith Though Literacy Partners’ annual event didn’t boast the grub of the Beard Awards across the square at Avery Fisher Hall this week, Liz Smith rounded up pals to read in honor (and support) of her favorite adult-education program. Guests including Barbara Walters, Taylor Holland, and a very tardy Martha Stewart were treated to readings by Vanessa Redgrave, Alexander McCall Smith, Bob and Lee Woodruff, and Frank Langella. Langella read from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, but everyone else touted recent or upcoming projects. Bette Midler was there too but opted to sing a number from Smith’s lap. After the jump, Liz discusses her own literacy issues and wonders what to send Paris in jail.
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    The Five Faces of Tori If you’re not up on the latest Tori Amos developments, let us clue you in: She’s apparently undergone some sort of schizophrenic break, creating no fewer than four alter egos for her new album. (They’re named Santa, Pip, Isabel, and Clyde.) There was a release party for the album, American Girl Posse, at Times Square’s truly horrid Spotlight Live last night, and Rebecca Ruiz was there for Vulture. She spoke to Amos, discussing the album, MILFs, and the other gals, though, sadly, she didn’t get to talk to the others. It’s waiting for you at Vulture. Tori Amos: Reclaiming the M-Word? [Vulture]
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    Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Are Still Just FriendsEmphatically hot emphatic non-couple Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump made the second public declaration in a week of their non-relationship at Vanity Fair’s annual opening party for the Tribeca Film Festival last night. Milling among actual power couples David Bowie and Iman and Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon, J-vanka stood a safe two inches apart from each other at all times, looking as though they were trying very hard to maintain that “just friends” appearance. But, then, the setting — the State Supreme Court building — made PDAs seem inappropriate, anyway. “I had my divorce here,” noted former Viacom chief Tom Freston, happily. “So did I,” said entertainment lawyer Allen Grubman, Lizzie’s dad. They clinked glasses, laughed, and headed inside. —Jada Yuan Earlier: Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Are Just Friends. Really.
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    Partying Liberally With Living Liberally Living Liberally threw itself a launch party Saturday night in a wonderfully eccentric West Village event space, complete with a gilded “Porn Palace” room and a spacious deck. A hundred people or so showed up to celebrate — and raise money for — an organization dedicated to getting right-thinking people out and about, having a good time, and maybe discussing liberal politics. Living Liberally is the newly organized umbrella for several more activity-specific groups: Drinking Liberally, Laughing Liberally, Blogging Liberally. There’s even Eating Liberally, tied to the progressive food movement, which set up a grill on the deck and also served, according to a pamphlet, “ABC Chocolate Cake: ‘A’ for applesauce, ‘B’ for beets, and ‘C’ for carrots.” (G for gross!) In other words, though this party was a fund-raiser for the organization’s work, usually Living Liberally’s parties are its work.
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    Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Are Just Friends. Really. We’re not a billionaire real-estate scion, and we’re not squiring another billionaire real-estate scion around town, so maybe we don’t know what we’re talking about. But as more than one person pointed out at the fancy party for the redesigned Observer its new owner, Jared Kushner, threw at the Four Seasons last night — there was caviar on virtually everything! — if we were busy having our high-priced publicists insist that we and a certain model-developer were just friends, we probably wouldn’t have allowed this photo to be taken. Just saying.
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    Sundance Parties for the Environment, Loudly Mother Earth apparently loves $600 throw pillows. How else to explain the Sundance Channel’s decision to host the after-party for the premiere of the Green, its enviro-friendly programming block, at ABC Carpet & Home, the pricey boho-chic home-furnishing-and- tchotchke emporium? The store proudly touts its recycled, sustainable, and rainforest-friendly headboards, couches, and candles, but, still, the feng shui of the event, held on a second floor already crammed with Nakashima coffee tables and Eames chairs, felt toxic.
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    Last Night’s Top Party: Felons and Bisexuals at the Four Seasons There were two big, boldfaced parties last night, and they were wildly divergent. In Chelsea, Milk Studios hosted an auction of rock photos to benefit VH1’s Save the Music Foundation while in midtown disgraced ex-Sotheby’s head Alfred Taubman threw a book party at the Four Seasons. The VH1 shindig featured the Kaiser Chiefs, Stoli Blueberi–and–Sprite cocktails (not bad!), and handsomely greasy-haired young people occasionally silently bidding on, though mostly just getting their pictures taken in front of, photographs of CBGB and Kurt Cobain. At Taubman’s, there was wine; cheese puffs; a crowd so collectively aged it made Bill Cunningham, the septuagenarian society photog from the Times, look spry; and the chance to consort with a convicted felon who also happens to be a billionaire. So which one won? It was unclear for a while. But then a victor suddenly emerged. “Given the chance,” we heard someone say at the Four Seasons, “I’m going to leave this party a bisexual.” Point, Taubman. —Jada Yuan
  37. party lines
    A Hargitay’s Work The theological battle over Mariska Hargitay rages on. Last week, Daily Intel named her “the patron saint of Party Town” for her regular appearances on our end-of-day wrap-up of boldfaced parties scheduled for that night. But dedicated Mariskavites were having none of it, and by Monday we’d received more than a few angry missives from her devoted followers. (“What is your problem with this wonderful woman?” was a not untypical bit of protest.) Then, Tuesday, we crossed paths with The Hargitay herself, who also objected to the honor, though more genteelly. “I never go out,” she told us. “I’m a mom now.” Oh? A quick search of the PatrickMcMullan.com archives — okay, actually a grueling slog through those archives, as is par for the course with the barely functional McMullan site — reveals no fewer than five Marish appearances already this year: a dinner to honor Olivier Theyskens on March 19; Talk Radio’s opening night on March 11; a Liz Claiborne event on March 6; Dining by Design on February 26; and the SAG Awards on January 28. All that, plus the Gotham Magazine party in her honor on March 21, which prompted our initial canonization. Is that a sufficiently miraculous performance to warrant the sainthood? We’re sure you’ll let us know.
  38. the in-box
    Do Not Mess With HargitayEvery Monday through Thursday, Daily Intel ends its day with Party Town, a feature that identifies a few of the charity galas or premieres happening that evening and then lists the celebrities who are scheduled to appear. Invariably, that list includes Law & Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay. So when she got her own event last week for making the cover of Gotham, we declared Hargitay the “patron saint” of Party Town. And we (sarcastically) chided the Gotham article for mentioning all of Hargitay’s fine qualities but “shamefully failing to note her fetching singing voice and kindness to disabled puppies.” Though we have never heard from Hargitay, her fans came in her defense. After the jump, three outraged e-mails.
  39. party lines
    Faking Our Way Through the ‘Faking It’ PartyThe latest book from the boys of CollegeHumor is Faking It, which teaches you how to pretend to be worldly for fun and profit. At a party for the book in midtown last night, the CollegeHumor founders were dressed in faux-NASA spacesuits — they were faking it as astronauts, although, frankly, we thought they looked more like gay-porn stars — and we, too, gamely put dignity aside to test out some of the book’s techniques. The depressing verdict: Lying works. The evidence is after the jump.
  40. party lines
    Waris Ahluwalia Has Much Cooler Friends Than You For as long as we’ve been going out in this city, we’ve been spotting Waris Ahluwalia, the hip young Sikh in the corner, dancing—not drinking—and flashing his disarming smile to a well-chosen few. His social connections have led to appearances in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and Inside Man, even though he’s not an actor. Who, we wondered, is Waris? On Wednesday, the launch of his idiosyncratically beautiful jewelry line, House of Waris, at Bergdorf Goodman, and later the Indian Consulate, and finally (if Waris gave you a card that said “Waris ♥s you”) at the Beatrice Inn, gave us a chance to find out.
  41. party lines
    Harlem’s Juelz at Hot 97 Party: Obama ‘08!Last night was Hot 97’s fourth annual Full Frontal Fashion show at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Hip-hop stars including Omarion and Lloyd performed, and Kimora Lee Simmons and P. Diddy showed their latest Baby Phat and Sean John collections. Hometown hero Juelz Santana, crown prince of Harlem’s beloved Dipset crew, gave us his take on the radio station, and his style. After the jump, find out why black people should “root for Obama.”
  42. party lines
    Naomi Watts At Least a Little Bit PregnantNaomi Watts made her first public outing in New York since the Oscars last night, at the Natural Resources Defense Council party to honor Graydon Carter. Maybe it was just that tight little black dress, but her bump looked shockingly more prominent than it did in her flowy yellow Oscar dress. We’re guessing about three months along, but Watts blew us off when we asked how she was feeling. We also talked to Glenn Close, Ron Perelman, Brian Grazer, and Jim Kelly. To find out what they said, check out our interactive Party Lines. —Jada Yuan Party Lines: NRDC Party to Honor Graydon Carter [NYM]
  43. gossipmonger
    So There Was Some Awards Thing Last Night?Forest Whitaker and other Oscar revelers celebrated at parties. In New York, celebrity viewers were either at Elaine’s, with EW, or the Spotted Pig, with New York. Brandon Davis ruined Paris Hilton’s birthday party by harassing Paula Abdul and Courtney Love. Ron Burkle had George Clooney, Beyoncé, Clint Eastwood, and a bevy of other celebs over his house for a private Giorgio Armani runway show. Harvey Weinstein used direct-marketing techniques to get Rosario Dawson and Lindsay Lohan to come to a party. To which Cameron Diaz showed up with Tyrese. Courteney Cox spent at least $750,000 on a Damien Hirst. Josh Hartnett brought Helena Christensen back to his room at the Chateau Marmont. VanityFair.com’s Jessica Coen left the Miramax Oscar party because it smelled too good, missed Ben Affleck and Helen Mirren.
  44. party lines
    The Armory Party: But Is It Trash? The Armory Show opened last night with a private viewing at Pier 94 and a party — well, there was a bar and some undertipped bartenders — for the art world and its lackeys. It was a private benefit for MoMA and P.S. 1, and there were fashion editors with tans and strange hats, artists with all sorts of accents, and dapper Bill Cunningham snapping photos of gallery workers. People milled around the bar and through the vast expanse of art, and there was a lot of chitchat about performance artist Marina Abramovic’s 60th-birthday party, coming up on Saturday night. (Apparently she’s been sleeping on a whole bunch of peppers, which will no doubt be incorporated into a sauce or a centerpiece for the 350-plus guests.) But the highlight of the evening was a garbage truck — a 28-foot, 12-ton New York City sanitation truck, the front painted white, the mammoth sides covered with mirrors. “I want people to see themselves in the frame of this trash truck,” said artist Mieles Laderman Ukeles. “It doesn’t belong to the sanitation workers. We are all in this together.” Ukeles calls her beast of a piece The Social Mirror, and she has a thing for trash: In 1978 she did a project called Touch Sanitation, in which she shook the hands of 8,500 sanitation workers. “It took eleven months,” she told us. “I thought it would take three.” —Emma Pearse
  45. grub street
    On Super Bowl Sunday, Spotted Pig Staff Partied Like It Was 1999 Where does Spotted Pig owner Ken Friedman hold his holiday party? Not at the Spotted. When does he hold it? Not during the holiday season. And what does he serve? More food that you can imagine. This past Sunday — Super Bowl Sunday — Friedman threw a belated holiday party for his Pig staff at Del Posto, another eatery owned by part Pig owner Mario Batali. The feast was one of Dionysian excess — a roasted pig, mac ‘n’ cheese with black truffles, innumerable apps, cake “served by scantily clad babes.” Rob and Robin have the complete menu — plus photos! — at Grub Street. Batali Helps Devise Insane Feast for Spotted Pig Staff [Grub Street]
  46. party lines
    ‘Arthur and the Invisibles’ With the CorddrysWith the social girls still meandering their way back from St.Tropez, the only party action this week came from Hollywood types. At the premiere for the Weinstein Company’s live-action-and- CGI kids’ flick Arthur and the Invisibles — which stars Madonna, David Bowie, and Robert De Niro all skipped — we ran into actors and brothers Rob and Nate Corddry, who voiced animated miniature people in the film. Us: How did you get in the mindset of tiny, made-up people who live in the grass? Nate: I didn’t employ a moment of thinking in the two hours we spent doing these voices. Rob: Not one second of preparation. Nate: I thought about where the men’s room was and where craft services was. Rob: “Why did I drink the night before? Now my voice is hoarse. Am I stealing money from these people?” Us: Well, if you were a miniature person, what would you do? Rob: I’d be all over the place, just pulling pranks. Crazy pranks! Like throwing hats off people’s heads, and tripping their dogs. Nate: Like a poltergeist! I don’t care about being small. I’d like the ability to nap anywhere. Rob: Isn’t that called narcolepsy? —Jada Yuan
  47. office-party patrol
    No Band, Little Booze, But Good Food (for Munchies?) at Wenner PartyThere was one last big blowout to catch before Holiday Party Season 2006 wound down: The annual Wenner Media extravaganza. With the bank busted on Rolling Stone’s 1,000th-issue celebration in May, this year’s holiday gathering was less glitzy in the past, with no big-name musical act slated to perform. But that didn’t stop indefatigable party reporter Julia Allison. Her wrap-up — her final wrap-up of the season — is after the jump.
  48. office-party patrol
    Eating — and Eating! — With the ‘Daily News’; Drinking and Dancing With ‘Star’With less than a week left till Christmas, company-holiday-party season is nearing its end. But for a last few fabulous nights, it keeps going strong — and naturally crasher extraordinaire Julia Allison is there. Last night she hit the Daily News do at the Copa and the Star shindig at Dirty Disco. Which one had a face-painter? Which one had only caffeinated vodka? Julia’s reports await.
  49. office-party patrol
    Rupert Murdoch Wishes You a Merry ChristmasHappy HolidaysThere’s a general rule of thumb that work events are always held on Monday through Thursday nights, because Fridays are reserved for real friends or for family. Who could flout that rule? Rupert Murdoch, of course, who held the annual holiday party — and it’s called a holiday party, not a Christmas party, Bill O’Reilly — for all New York News Corporation employees Friday night. It’s a huge event, for everyone from HarperCollins editors to Fox 5 local-news guys to 20th Century Fox PR people to Fox News ideologues to all their associated sales teams and managerial staffs and all that. Naturally, Julia Allison was there, and after the jump she takes you on a tour of Rupert’s world, with stops for frat-party booze and trans-fatty food. Yum!
  50. office-party patrol
    Gawker Hates Holidays and the ‘Observer’ Hates EveryoneHaving gorged on the fantasia of Marc Jacobs, it was time to relax, have a beer, and forget all about the holidays. So off went exhausted party reporter Julia Allison to document the anti-holiday Gawker party and the gayer (in both senses of the word) Observer event.
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