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  1. party chat
    Patrick Stewart Peeved by Barclays Traffic, Pumped About the Brooklyn NetsHe might even get season tickets.
  2. party chat
    Chris Matthews Says SNL Does Not Appreciate His Subtlety“I think I am not as loud or was as loud as they have me.”
  3. party chat
    Two-Time Debate Moderator Barbara Walters Defends ‘Gentleman’ Jim Lehrer“It’s very hard and Jim did his best. Jim is a gentleman. Jim is not going to be rude to them.”
  4. party chat
    Don King Weighs in on Hypothetical Obama-Versus-Romney Boxing Match, Kind Of“If they had to fight, I think one of them would be doing what we call stick and move, which would create an atmosphere of togetherness.”
  5. party chat
    Regis Philbin Defends Romney’s ‘47 Percent’ Remark“All of his remarks are being taken out of context.”
  6. party chat
    John Stossel on Having a Pervert ImposterBut it was not John Stossel.
  7. party chat
    Bloomberg’s Daughter Not a Fan of Soda BanGeorgina Bloomberg isn’t a huge fan of her dad’s proposed soda ban.
  8. party chat
    Greta Gerwig Knows Just the Spot for a Heartbroken New YorkerFor your own real-life mumblecore movie.
  9. the third terminator
    What Would Michael Bloomberg’s Signature Scent Be?Play along with us.
  10. Martha Stewart Wants to Be in the Avengers Sequel“I want to play The Hulk’s girlfriend.”
  11. party chat
    Alex Trebek Will Never Be a Contestant on Jeopardy!“They would clean my clock.”
  12. party chat
    Messing Proud of Biden’s Will & Grace Shout-Out“Besides the birth of my son.”
  13. party chat
    People Lose Babies and Engagement Rings on the High Line All the TimeYou know, just little stuff. NBD.
  14. party chat
    Harvey Weinstein: ‘Of Course I’ll Do a PAC’Weinstein to the rescue?
  15. party chat
    White House Correspondents’ Dinner: A SlideshowRay Kelly finds ’Portlandia’ fun; Carrie Brownstein can’t say the same about politics.
  16. white house correspondents’ dinner
    WHCD Weekend Party Chatter: Where Hillary Clinton and Lindsay Lohan MeetWe hope they actually DO meet someday.
  17. party chat
    Georgina Bloomberg Kind of Wants Dad to Run for PresidentOnly if he wants to!
  18. how’s martha stewart living?
    We Got to Watch Martha Stewart Live-Tweet a GalaIt’s as if we’d been peering over DaVinci’s shoulder while he was painting the Mona Lisa.
  19. party chat
    Matt Lauer Seriously Doubts His InfluenceAnd expects Hillary Clinton to call him out on it.
  20. party chat
    Ann Coulter Is Not Onboard With Impeaching Obama“Obama hasn’t committed an impeachable offense, at least as far as I know … You’re allowed to be a bad president.”
  21. party chat
    Seth Meyers Doubts That Hosting SNL Will Help Mitt Romney“Everybody knows who they’re going to vote for now and nothing else matters.”
  22. party chat
    Eliza Dushku Recalls Her Childhood Crush on Mitt Romney“I named my Ken dolls ‘Mitt.’”
  23. party chat
    Gloria Steinem Thinks the Whole Rosen/Romney Kerfuffle Was ‘Stupid’“What is distinguishing about the Romney situation is that they’re rich.”
  24. party chat
    Q-Tip Suggests President Obama Is Mistaken About Kanye West“Maybe Kanye beat him in dice and he’s mad.”
  25. party chat
    Famed Glasses-Wearer Ira Glass Rages Against Google Glasses“Truthfully it’s a little too close to Minority Report.”
  26. party chat
    Joe Jonas Learned to Navigate New York by Watching the Bike MessengersSo if the whole teen idol thing doesn’t work out …
  27. party chat
    Barbara Walters Likes Singing Michael Bublé at KaraokeOh, Babs.
  28. party chat
    Who Would Win the Political Version of Hunger Games?A thought experiment from Game Change’s writer.
  29. party chat
    Matthew Broderick’s Family Largely Ignoring His New Mustache“My daughters have said nothing, and my wife has not commented on it.”
  30. party chat
    Game Change Director Says McCain Staff Acted Out Palin’s ‘Mini-Meltdowns’ for Him“Eyes at half-mast.”
  31. party chat
    Ed Burns Will Never, Ever Move to Brooklyn “I’m a bridge-and-tunnel kid, so the whole idea — the whole dream — was to get here. I’m not going back over the river, are you crazy?”
  32. party chat
    Woody Allen Likes Playing the Ponies on DatesRace-y!
  33. party chat
    The Time Jerry Seinfeld Screamed at a Naked, Masturbating Man in Central Park“I said, ‘Hey! Hey! What are you doing?’”
  34. party chat
    Matthew Broderick Hasn’t Been to the High LineWhat are you waiting for?
  35. party chat
    Janeane Garofalo Doesn’t Think Anyone Can Beat ObamaDoes she know something pollsters don’t?
  36. party chat
    Fred Armisen Thinks Michele Bachmann Should Become a Photographer“Nature, beautiful things, cityscapes, she’d be good at that. I don’t know why, but that’s how I think about her.”
  37. party chat
    Giant Inflatable Obama Pig May Return in 2012Roger Waters is still backing Obama, perhaps with another giant pig.
  38. party chat
    Philip Glass’s Occupy Wall Street Participation Was Very Stage-ManagedHe wants to do more with the group.
  39. party chat
    Rupert Murdoch Is the Parent to Ask for Ice CreamThe News Corp. boss spoils his two youngest daughters.
  40. party chat
    Jesse Tyler Ferguson Hopes Modern Family Is Changing Mitt Romney“Maybe he sees that Mitchell and Cameron aren’t quite so bad,” he tells us.
  41. party chat
    Questlove on His Unheeded Occupy Wall Street Warning“They were kind of cavalier about it.”
  42. party chat
    Larry King Solves the Nation’s Health-Care ProblemLaugh machines!
  43. party chat
    Tom Brokaw on the ‘Work in Progress’ GenerationThey may not be the “greatest,” but they’re “doing fine.”
  44. party chat
    Gloria Steinem Has Faith in Gloria Allred“I don’t think she would take [the case] if she didn’t think it was real.”
  45. party chat
    David Dinkins Has Nothing Bad to Say About Mayor Bloomberg’s Handling of Occupy Wall Street“Having been in his shoes once, I don’t wish to critique him.”
  46. party chat
    The Mystery of Governor Cuomo’s Halloween CostumeIs he dressing up as Raggedy Andy? Or as “a governor”?
  47. party chat
    Alec Baldwin Is Impressed With Two Thirds of the Occupy Wall Street ProtestersThe other third, though, “are a little loopy!”
  48. party chat
    Herman Cain Caused Piers Morgan to Question His Own Abortion Beliefs“Whether I was pro-choice or pro-life, I couldn’t decide which way I should be after talking to him.”
  49. party chat
    Dr. Oz Advises Occupy Wall Street Protesters to Mind Their Ass Hygiene“Do you know what Chubs are? They’re moist wipes for your bottom.”
  50. party chat
    Beau Biden Willing to Bet Dinner on the Biden–Clinton Switch Not HappeningSo you know he’s serious.
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