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  1. party lines
    Katie Couric on Nate Silver and Women in MediaWisdom from those who would know.
  2. party lines
    The ASME Awards: ‘No Offense, But Now I Understand Why None of You Guys Went Into Television’Last night was magazine-town’s big night out.
  3. party lines
    David Barton and Susanne Bartsch Hang Out With Each Other and Marc Jacobs at Their Annual Toy DriveIt’s the holidays.
  4. death and taxes
    Tax Cuts for Non-Super-Rich Blocked by Senate Republicans“There are no signs that millionaires are suffering in this economy. It’s everybody below that.”
  5. party lines
    Karen O at MoMA’s Party in the GardenPlus: Jeff Koons, Nicole Miller, Nick Zinner …
  6. party lines
    Party Lines Slideshow: Rosie Perez, John Leguizamo, Claire Danes, and More at the P.S. 122 Spring GalaPlus: Hugh Dancy, John Turturrro, Spike Lee …
  7. party lines
    Wendy Williams Doesn’t Need a Man, Unless Her Car Breaks DownWe caught up with the talk-show host at the125th anniversary celebration for ‘Good Housekeeping.’
  8. party lines
    Parker Posey Knows Who to Call When She Has a Mouse in the House“I called a girlfriend, a lesbian. She threw it out the window.”
  9. party lines
    Henry Louis Gates Jr. Seduced by Scott Brown’s Charms“I had to hold my arm down to keep from voting for the guy,” Gates told us.
  10. party lines
    LuAnn De Lesseps Will Be Singing Tonight at BordersThat’s right. Her single ‘Money Can’t Buy Class’ will debut in Columbus Circle.
  11. party lines
    Josh Charles and Josh Charles Were in Bed, Bath & Beyond at the Same TimeBut only one of them was holding two pillows.
  12. party lines
    Madonna, Fegie, and Kidman at Nine PremiereTommy Tune and Tony Bennett couldn’t get over it, really.
  13. party lines
    Schnabel Will Spend His Vacation SchwimmingIn a bathing suit. (Maybe?)
  14. party lines
    New Yorkers and Their Dogs: Romantic Comedy or Creepfest?A pet analyst shares some stories.
  15. party lines
    Sandy Weill: ‘I’m Not Really Wanting of Objects’The man who made billions building Citigroup has a short Christmas list.
  16. party lines
    Barbara Walters on Interviewing Sarah PalinThat’s too bad. Remember all the good it did for Hillary Clinton?
  17. party lines
    Levi Johnston on His Career, Penis SizeBut we don’t lose our dignity.
  18. party lines
    Murray and Streep at the Fantastic Mr. Fox PartyA virus.
  19. party lines
    Martin Scorsese on His BlackBerry-Bruised ThumbsPoor guy. We’ve been there.
  20. party lines
    Lance Armstrong Only Allowed Scones a Bit LongerThe Tour de France legend talks to us about his rides around New York.
  21. party lines
    Gideon Yago on Freebies: ‘How Does Any Travel Writer Write Anything About Anything Without a F—ing Junket?’The MTV journalist defends fallen ‘Times’ columnist Mike Albo.
  22. party lines
    Costume Designer Eric Daman Believes Sex Is Better Than RitalinThe man who masterminded the cleavage rhombus sounds off on proposed ‘Gossip Girl’ censorship.
  23. party lines
    Three Jokes Told by Bruce SpringsteenThe Boss told jokes at last night’s Stand Up for Heroes benefit.
  24. party lines
    Ray Kelly, News Junkie, Surfs the Internet in His CarHopefully not while driving.
  25. party lines
    Akon Would Have Performed for Downsizing GQ for FreeThey just didn’t ask.
  26. party lines
    CNN’s Soledad O’Brien Defends Network’s Abysmal PerformanceOn ‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’ and in the ratings.
  27. party lines
    Times Publisher Compares Print Media to the Titanic“Even if the Titanic came in safely to New York Harbor, it was still doomed.”
  28. party lines
    Simon Doonan Is Getting the Last Laugh on His Snooty Writer FriendsNo longer do they wonder why he kept his job in fashion.
  29. party lines
    Tony Kushner: ‘Bernie Madoff’s a Murderer’At a benefit concert for American Jewish World Services, the playwright took aim at the jailed Ponzi-schemer.
  30. party lines
    Mamie Gummer Getting Married, Moving to BrooklynMeryl’s daughter has a big day coming up!
  31. party lines
    Almodóvar & Madonna at the Broken Embraces PartyOur party reporter touches the most famous woman in the world, and wonders whether she’s got an eye on a role in Pedro Almodóvar’s next film.
  32. party lines
    Ice-T, Kravitz, and Grenier at Good HairAlso, he dares you to make fun of him for his pink Versace suit.
  33. party lines
    Mulligan and Sarandon at An Education ScreeningWe don’t know what it was about, but we’re on Carey’s side.
  34. party lines
    The Night We Accidentally Told Salman Rushdie About Padma’s PregnancyWell. That was awkward.
  35. party lines
    Ellen Barkin Had a Particularly Bad ‘Ride-Along’ With the New Orleans Police“I darted to the bottom of the cop car and I cried.”
  36. party lines
    Wendi Murdoch Is Not Allowed to Have an Opinion on Glenn BeckDoes she like the weepy conservative? She can’t say she does. But she can’t say she doesn’t, either. You know how it is.
  37. the schnabulous life
    Lola Schnabel Once Woke Up With Grace Jones Outside Her Bedroom WindowJust another morning at the Chelsea Hotel.
  38. party lines
    Susan Sarandon’s Ping-Pong Dreams Have Been RealizedSPiN New York, her table-tennis lounge, celebrated its opening last night.
  39. party lines
    Beautiful Life Co-Stars Sara Paxton and Nico Tortorella Talk About Their Less-Than-Beautiful Domestic LifeBasically, their dogs poop all over the place.
  40. party lines
    Lady Gaga: ‘I Was in a Room Full of Dicks Today’For charity!
  41. party lines
    Mischa Barton: Taylor Momsen Fan, or Stalker?Why was the adult television actress hanging around outside the teen starlet’s trailer last night?
  42. party lines
    Charlize Theron Imagines Her Man in SkirtsCharlize made a joke! She actually made a funny!
  43. party lines
    Amber Tamblyn’s Dad Approved David Cross’s Salty Author Bio“He laughed even harder than we did.”
  44. party lines
    Taylor Momsen: Being 16 ‘Is Way Overrated’Oh, Tay Tay.
  45. party lines
    Sean Lennon Defends His Purple Magazine ShootThe young rocker just doesn’t understand why a picture of him that re-created an iconic picture of his parents would make people upset.
  46. party lines
    Faith Popcorn: ‘Brands Are Dead’“(Except mine.)”
  47. party lines
    Bethenny Frankel and Andy Roddick Have a HistoryHe was nice to her when she was a nobody!
  48. party lines
    LuAnn de Lesseps Is Letting Her Housewives Friends Set Her UpThis seems like a bad idea. But she’s also writing a book!
  49. party lines
    Ana Ortiz Has Joined the Brooklyn Heights Stroller BrigadePlus, the ‘Ugly Betty’ star dishes on a much-needed makeover.
  50. party lines
    Anna Wintour Didn’t Give R. J. Cutler Any Free ClothesHe just got a fashion crash course instead.
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