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    Jessica and Ken Were HairJessica Simpson and her hair stylist/lapdog Ken Pavés spent much of Fashion Week trotting around singing the praises of the latter’s new line of clip-on hair extensions, Hair U Wear. Having a headful of fake hair is “nothing to be ashamed of,” Simpson chirped to New York on one of many red carpets she visited that week. “I have two tracks clipped in right now!” While it’s tempting to imagine the — what do we call her? Singer? Actress? Personality? — lounging around in her off-hours sans “tracks” and thus completely bald, Simpson does not often go (fake) hairless, she says. She even wears her falsies while working out! “I went to her house and she was on the treadmill, wearing a chignon I made to clip her hair up!” said Pavés. But Pavés’s line isn’t for everyone. Recently, says People magazine, the stylist flew out to Vegas to do Britney Spears’s hair before the MTV Video Music Awards, only to make the “professional decision” that touching Spears’s head might be a career killer. He thus left, taking his hair with him. —Maggie Gray
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    Designer and Print-Ad Star Kenzo Minami Gets His Coffee at Cafe GitaneIntroducing you to the faces you see out and about. Name: Kenzo Minami Age: 33 Profession: Graphic designer, T-shirt designer, and immaculately coiffed and goateed star of Reebok’s “I Am What I Am” ad campaign. His piece Synchronization appears in the current Mercedes Benz Presents Andy Warhol show. Provenance: Hyogo, a factory town in Kobe, Japan, via the Lower East Side What You Know Him From: After making his name as a graphic designer, Minami launched a garment line that sells at Barneys New York and Seven (where Axl Rose bought a shirt) and is worn by the types who remember the height of Sway’s Morrissey night.