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Password Managers

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    See If Your Password Has Ever Been Pwned With New ToolSee whether a hacker has ever managed to crack “RedSoxSux420.”
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    You People Really Have to Do Better When It Comes to Creating Passwords“123456” is the most common password found in data dumps for the second year running, and that’s just not gonna cut it.
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    Your 2-Step, 14-Word Guide to Comprehensive Digital SecurityIt’s a scary time out there for computer security — but the tools to protect your privacy are easier to implement than you might expect.
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    Major LastPass Exploit Discovered by Google ResearcherDon’t worry, there are easy steps you can take to keep your account safe.
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    You Should Sign Up for LastPass NowUsing this password manager won’t cost you a thing. Even on multiple devices.
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    The Most Important Thing You’ll Read Today: How to Use a Password ManagerEven if you’ve got the strongest password in the world, it’s no good if you reuse it across multiple sites. Here’s how to stop.