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  1. security
    Facebook Stored Passwords Insecurely for YearsFacebook employees could have easily accessed the login info for hundreds of millions of users.
  2. privacy
    Judge Rules That Biometrics Are the Same As PasswordsA legal loophole allowing police to compel people to grant access to their phones may soon be closed.
  3. password is a bad password
    Read This If You Want to Hack Into Kanye West’s iPhoneA video from West’s meeting with Trump revealed his poor OpSec habits.
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    Twitter Says You Should Change Your Password After Bug Exposed ThemInternal logs stored the passwords, exposing them to employees.
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    White House Staffer Reportedly Left Encrypted Email Password at a Bus StopWhoops!
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    See If Your Password Has Ever Been Pwned With New ToolSee whether a hacker has ever managed to crack “RedSoxSux420.”
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    You People Really Have to Do Better When It Comes to Creating Passwords“123456” is the most common password found in data dumps for the second year running, and that’s just not gonna cut it.
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    NGO Director Convicted on Terrorism Charges for Refusing to Give Up PasswordsA British court ruling sets a concerning precedent.
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    Guy Who Made All the Annoying Rules for Good Passwords: Oops, I Take It BackCommonly held best practices for password safety are going out the window.
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    The Most Important Thing You’ll Read Today: How to Use a Password ManagerEven if you’ve got the strongest password in the world, it’s no good if you reuse it across multiple sites. Here’s how to stop.
  11. How to Change Your Yahoo PasswordThe company confirms at least 500 million user accounts were hacked in 2014.
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    You Should Change Your Dropbox Password Right NowMore than 60 million user emails and passwords have been stolen from Dropbox.
  13. Federal Court Rules That Password Sharing Is Illegal Under Insane Ancient LawA law written in 1986 is still being used to prosecute normal computer usage.
  14. How DeRay McKesson’s Phone, Twitter, and Email All Got Hacked in a Single MoveIt’s alarming how easy this was for someone to do.