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Pat Buchanan

  1. vision 2020
    William Weld Isn’t Going to Save the GOP From TrumpThe former turned current Republican is as much of a threat to Trump as the gnats Richard Nixon swatted aside in 1972.
  2. 2020 presidential election
    Single-Issue Presidential Candidates Like Jay Inslee Are RareInslee says he’ll only talk about climate change. That will make his identity clear, but it’s not an approach that’s likely to win.
  3. Trump Brings Back Ancient GOP Tradition of ProtectionismHe appears to be a true believer in reversing globalization, not just using tariffs as a weapon. That’s both new — and very old — for Republicans.
  4. Welcome to the Pat Buchanan AdministrationIn tone and substance, President Trump’s actions are faithful to the tradition of the belligerent old culture warrior and super-patriot.
  5. Pat Buchanan Tells Trump to Stay OffensiveAs most Republicans beg Trump to get a grip on the racism, the former insurgent candidate speaks for the right-wingers who fear he will go all PC. 
  6. cable news news
    Pat Buchanan Finally Out at MSNBCThe conservative commentator and the liberal network are no longer a pair.
  7. impolitic
    Heilemann on Mitt ‘Dole’ Romney vs. Newt ‘Buchanan’ Gingrich in IowaHow the 2012 GOP race is shaping up to be 1996 redux, with Obama stepping in for Bill Clinton.
  8. we feel like we’re taking crazy pills
    Sarah Palin Embraces Certificateism: A Kinder, Gentler BirtherismIt’s birtherism without the “birth”!
  9. cable news
    Talk Box: Sarah Palin Trashes Katie Couric, Swears Off Interviews With HerMeanwhile, the rest of cable news seems convinced that she’s going to run for president.
  10. the supremes
    Pat Buchanan Stands Up for the Country’s Oppressed Protestants and White CatholicsWhy have Democrats taken a blood oath to never nominate one to the Supreme Court again?
  11. america!
    A Recent History of Things That Have Been Thrown at Political FiguresPies, eggs, tomatoes, salad dressing … shoes! A grand tradition that everyone from Bill Clinton to Sarah Palin has been a part of.
  12. in other news
    Pat Buchanan and Rachel Maddow Demonstrate Why You and Your Grandpa Will Never Understand Each OtherThe right-wing commentator goes on a rant about why affirmative action is bad because the Declaration of Independece was written by “100 percent white men.”
  13. gossipmonger
    Madonna’s Mind Control Over Alex Rodriguez Is Nearly CompleteAlso, Steve Meisel kinda tricked Kate Winslet. And LiLo says she’s bi, but not lez. In Manic Monday’s mountain o’gossip!
  14. early and often
    So Who Thought Colin Powell Only Endorsed Obama Because He’s Black?Turns out, not as many people as you might think.
  15. early and often
    And the Award for the Scariest Denver-Area Hotel Goes To…If you’re IMPORTANT, you get to stay at the Sheraton or the Ritz. Otherwise, you just might be sleeping next door to a wannabe Obama assassin.