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Pat Downs

  1. tsa
    Henry Kissinger Got a Pat Down at Airport SecurityHe took it in stride.
  2. paulitics
    Rand Paul Is a Drama QueenHe claims he was “detained” by the TSA today after he refused to have a pat down. 
  3. hands across america
    Happy National Opt-Out Day, Thanksgiving Travelers!“Families should sit around the dinner table, eating turkey, talking about their experience.”
  4. cable news
    Talk Box: Cable News Prefers Profiling to Pat-Downs in TSA DebateBut liberal talker Ed Schultz dissents with a Rush Limbaugh/Fox News conspiracy theory.
  5. hands across america
    Pat-Downs Would Be Easier for TSA Employees If You Weren’t So Fat“Even worse is having to try and feel inside the flab rolls of obese passengers.”
  6. underwear bombers
    Here Are Some Potential Problems With the New Anti-Scanner UndiesSome of these problems involve the bedroom.
  7. hands across america
    The TSA Is Literally Killing Americans With Its Pat-DownsBecause now people will drive, and when people drive, they die a lot more often than when they fly.
  8. hands across america
    Ron Paul Would Like to Give You Back Your DignityHe won’t let Canada get the last laugh!
  9. hands across america
    Senators to Be the Ones Getting Groped for a ChangeThe TSA offers them all free pat-downs.