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  1. media
    Inside the Petty, Vindictive, Career-Ruining Infighting at NY1Onscreen, NY1 seems like a happy family, but a lawsuit exposed the tumult behind the scenes.
  2. party chat
    Kiernan’s Anchorman 2 Premiere JacketPaul Rudd was impressed. 
  3. local news news
    NY1 to Be Called ‘Time Warner Cable News NY1’ Now, Because Time WarnerA much-loved local network takes the name of its much-loathed corporate overlord.
  4. local news news
    Time Warner to Screw With NY1 Because It’s Time Warner [Updated]Why mess with a local institution?
  5. media
    Pat Kiernan Is Really, Honestly, Totally Getting Over Kelly RipaToday, his ‘Live!’ dreams are dead.
  6. neighborhood news
    Pat Kiernan Now Officially Belongs to BrooklynBorough President Marty Markowitz said so.
  7. media
    Sue Simmons to Play Fake Sue Simmons on Law & Order: SVUShe’s a making a cameo in the season premiere.
  8. local news news
    Local News Reporter Punched by Snack-and-Makeup ThiefVivian Lee from NY1 was punched in the neck by a wild lady.
  9. media
    Pat Kiernan Still Really Wants to Host Live! With KellyHe might even be endangering his real job.
  10. tv news news
    Kelly Ripa Won’t Let David Arquette Try Out for Live!And he really wants to.
  11. real estate
    Pat Kiernan Bought a $2 Million House in WilliamsburgThe NY1 host is moving to Brooklyn.
  12. media
    Pat Kiernan to Host Live! With Kelly AgainHooray!
  13. morning shows
    Pat Kiernan Schooled Kelly Ripa on National TelevisionWatch the NY1 anchor bring a little NY1 to Live!
  14. local heroes
    Pat Kiernan’s Dreams Are Slowly Coming TrueHe’s going to co-host ‘Live! With Kelly’ for a day.
  15. Pat Kiernan Stars in ‘Sh-t Pat Kiernan Says’Sure, why not?
  16. in other news
    Pat Kiernan Sets Up House Inside the World Wide WebWelcome to the neighborhood, Pat!
  17. company town
    They Waterboarded Christopher HitchensFinally, right? Plus, David Brooks thinks Goldman Sachs may be on the cusp of a coup, and the “summer of legal vindication” kicks off in our hump-day roundup of media, finance, law, and real-estate news.
  18. intel
    The Top Ten Reasons NY1 Will Crush NBC’s Planned 24-Hour New York News ChannelRead as we extol the unique glories of New York’s most special channel, and explain how it can never be reproduced.
  19. it just happened
    Small Explosion Hits Military Recruiting Center in Times SquareLet’s begin this post by saying there’s no reason to worry, everybody is fine. (We’ve always wanted to write that — because let’s be honest, when we start conversations with our mom that way she goes bananas.) See, there was a small explosion in Times Square early this morning, but nobody was hurt. Apparently somebody tossed an explosive device at a U.S. military recruiting center just before 4 a.m. today. The office’s window was smashed, and a door was damaged. Traffic was interrupted for a while, but now it appears to be back to normal. The Department of Homeland Security says it’s investigating whether it was terrorism-related, but according to NY1, there wasn’t a sense of panic in the area this morning. Explained droll host Pat Kiernan: “It seemed people were annoyed by the nuisance as much as anything.” Small explosion hits New York’s Times Square [Reuters] Update: Mayor Bloomberg just held a press conference about this. It turns out that it was a bomb in an ammunition box. Bloomberg called the attack on the recruitment office an insult to our troops and added that “New York City is back and open for business.” NYPD chief Ray Kelly said the device was not “particularly sophisticated” and explained that there is one witness who saw a suspicious hooded man on a bicycle passing the recruiting station just before the explosion.
  20. intel
    Oh NY1, Where Are Thy Stars?Even though it’s celebrating its fifteenth year on local cable, NY1, the city’s 24-hour news station, still has such a lovably, reliably dorky, do-it-yourself feel. But this weekend, it caused a small ripple when the News, then the Times, reported that longtime weekend anchor Gary Anthony Ramsay had left the station. It leaked that he’d phoned into the station’s talk show “The Call” under an assumed name (“Dalton, from the Upper East Side”) and mouthed off his own opinion on the current Bernard Kerik flap. “He did a really stupid thing,” said a former NY1 reporter, now with a local network affiliate. “His judgment was just horrendous.” No argument there — even Ramsey admitted as much in the Times. He was planning to leave the station soon, anyway. Which got us wondering: Just where do NY1ers go when they leave? The channel isn’t known as a star maker for anchors and reporters (why wasn’t Pat Kiernan in the running for Dan Rathers’s job, hmmmmm?). After the jump, a little list of where people have been going after they leave the 1 mother ship.
  21. 21 questions
    Pat Kiernan Is Saving Up for a Slurpee MachineName: Pat Kiernan Age: 38 Job: Morning anchor, NY1 News and (as of July 9) host of VH1’s World Series of Pop Culture. Neighborhood: Upper West Side Who’s your favorite New Yorker, living or dead, real or fictional? Peter Jennings. He made it seem so easy.