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Pat Lynch

  1. Police-Union Survey Claims That Cops Hate Mayor de Blasio and Their JobsWhen asked what they like most about the mayor, 66 percent said “nothing.”
  2. city politic
    Is the Akai Gurley Indictment a Makeup Call for the Eric Garner Case? “The guy who deserved to get indicted didn’t, and the guy who screwed up probably will.”
  3. new york’s finest
    Pat ‘Blood on the Hands’ Lynch Has a Challenger The head of the NYPD’s biggest union isn’t guaranteed reelection this year.
  4. new york’s finest
    An NYPD Union Meeting Almost Turned Into an All-Out BrawlThere seems to be some dissatisfaction with PBA head Pat Lynch. 
  5. the city politic
    Can Bratton Heal de Blasio’s Worsening Relationship With the NYPD?The department’s anger at the mayor is real — even among the cops who know he had nothing to do with Saturday’s fatal shooting.