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  1. Former North Carolina Governor Who Signed ‘Bathroom Bill’ Can’t Find a JobAfter helping make his state the target of boycotts over discrimination, Pat McCrory says he’s facing a political ‘purge.’
  2. North Carolina Judges Stop GOP Legislators From Stripping Governor’s PowersThe Republican-controlled legislature is temporarily halted from assuming veto power over Democratic governor’s cabinet appointments.
  3. North Carolina Republicans Grabbing Power With Both HandsWith no notice, Tar Heel GOP exploits special session to gut the governor’s influence. But they may regret it.
  4. New North Carolina Governor Threatens Lawsuit Over GOP ‘Power Grab’Tarheel State Republicans are trying to pass a raft of new legislation to curb incoming Democratic governor Roy Cooper’s power.
  5. Faced With a Loss, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory Cries Voter FraudTwo weeks after the election, and trailing Democrat Roy Cooper, the Republican incumbent is refusing to concede.
  6. Could the Charlotte Protests Tip North Carolina to Trump?In a dead-even battleground state, violence could be a boost for law-and-order Republicans.
  7. lgbt rights
    North Carolina Governor Blames His State’s Bathroom Law on U.S. Government“Congress has been sitting on the sidelines.”