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  1. critical race theory
    The Right’s New Reason to Panic About ‘Critical Race Theory’ Is Centuries OldOn the persistent specter of Black revenge.
  2. past is prologue
    Remembering the Reagan-Ford ‘Co-Presidency’ That Could Have BeenIf you find Biden’s veep selection process boring, look back 40 years to a wild ride at the Republican convention where Reagan eventually picked Bush.
  3. syria
    Why Trump’s Evangelical Allies Are Enraged Over His Betrayal of the KurdsNeocons aren’t the only ones angry at Trump for green-lighting a Turkish invasion. Religious leaders say it could harm Christians in the region.
  4. abortion
    Alabama’s Extreme Abortion Law Is Dividing RepublicansSuddenly Republicans are exposing their common extremism by arguing over rape exceptions to a total abortion ban.
  5. islamophobia
    Texas GOP Activists Fight to Purge Local Official Because He’s – Gasp – MuslimIf you feed people hate long enough, they can soon become hateful.
  6. politics
    Pat Robertson Cares More About a Saudi Weapons Deal Than a Journalist’s MurderIn comments on Jamal Khashoggi’s apparent murder, the Christian-right warhorse revealed he can no longer distinguish God’s will from Donald Trump’s.
  7. The Alabama GOP’s Senate Primary Lives on the Theocratic FringeRoy Moore’s wild theocratic views would make him a joke in most places. In Alabama, his desperate GOP foes won’t even mention them.
  8. Pat Robertson Does It Again: He Hopes Gay People and Muslims ‘Kill Themselves’Grizzled Christian-right warhorse Pat Robertson dishes out some good old-fashioned hate. 
  9. religulous
    Pat Robertson Discovers Cutting-Edge Gay Fashion Trend [Updated]Rings designed to give people AIDS.
  10. mawage
    According to Pat Robertson, It’s Your Fault Your Husband Cheated on You“He cheated on you — well, he’s a man, okay.”
  11. lgbt
    Even Pat Robertson Says He’s Against Bullying Gay KidsLet’s not give him too much credit, but still!
  12. drugs
    Pat Robertson Is Pro-Pot, ManThe hateful evangelist is chilling out a little bit.
  13. religiots
    Dump Your Alzheimer’s-Stricken Wife, Says Pat RobertsonIt’s the Christian thing to do?
  14. religiots
    Michele Bachmann Blames God for the Earthquake, Hurricane Irene [Updated]He’s mad about the debt, obviously.
  15. god’s wrath
    Glenn Beck Calls Hurricane a ‘Blessing’“It’s God reminding you you’re not in control.”
  16. surprise!
    Televangelist Who Blames Hurricanes on Abortion Also Has Some Pretty Progressive Views on Marijuana PolicyDon’t ever try to predict what Pat Robertson will say next.
  17. satire
    Satan’s Open Letter to Pat RobertsonMinneapolis Star-Tribune reader pens the perfect antidote to Pat’s Hate.
  18. sad things
    Do Pat Robertson’s Good Deeds Outweigh His Seemingly Hateful Words?That’s what Joe Scarborough argues, after the Christian TV minister claimed that Haiti earned its troubles when it made a deal with the devil.
  19. early and often
    Robertson Looks Past Gays, Abortion, Sees RudyRudy scored a huge coup today when, in a speech at the National Press Club, powerful evangelist Pat Robertson announced he would endorse the former New York mayor. Robertson’s announcement will give pause to the many who assumed that if Giuliani won the Republican nomination, there would be low Values Voter turnout in support of him. Earlier this year, Christian leaders like Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission; Tony Perkins, head of the conservative Family Research Council; and James Dobson, leader of Focus on the Family all said they would not support Giuliani’s run. But Robertson, who may hold the most sway of them all, will at least mitigate that influence. This is obviously great for Giuliani, but less so for Robertson. Giuliani is pro-gay and pro-abortion, two of the Values Voters’ biggest no-no’s. So why the plug? We can think of two reasons. One, it adds to the odds that the Christian right won’t have to deal with a Mormon in the White House if the Republicans win, and two, now if Giuliani wins, Robertson can claim he is beholden to the evangelicals. Had he won without any of their support, he would be free of their influence while in power (unlike, say, Bush). Which is kind of a shame. We were sort of looking forward to a general election between two infidels next year, instead of just one. Pat Robertson Endorses Giuliani [WP]