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  1. important offspring
    Will Jay Carney’s Next Gig Be Managing His Son’s Boy Band?Almost definitely not. But his son is a member, so you might see him at a show.
  2. early and often
    The Bitchiest Moments From the Clinton-Campaign MemosWe collect our favorite lines from the memos revealed by ‘The Atlantic’ yesterday.
  3. early and often
    Obama and Patti Solis Doyle: A Slap to Clinton, or High Five?A Clinton bundler said that the hire was the “biggest fuck you I have ever seen in politics.”
  4. early and often
    Patti Solis Doyle Hired by Obama CampaignIs this a good or a bad sign for a Hillary vice-presidency?
  5. early and often
    Patti Solis Doyle in Talks to Defect to Obama Camp?Hillary’s former number two has been talking with Obama’s top adviser about a potential job, Politico reports.
  6. early and often
    Hillary Adapts to the Changes in the GameYesterday, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, stepped down. Doyle, long Hillary’s right-hand woman, said she hadn’t expected the primary to run on so long and wanted to get out of the race for personal reasons. She was replaced by Maggie Williams, a former aide to Bill Clinton when he was president and another longtime ally of Hillary’s. Williams, according to the Daily News, is a tough fighter who has engaged in many legal battles on behalf of the Clintons. She’s also been used by the couple in the past to boost their likability with African-Americans. The turnover came swiftly on the heels of four Obama wins over the weekend, in primaries in Maine, Washington state, Nebraska, and Louisiana. Obama now holds a small delegate lead. The appointment of Williams seems to indicate that Hillary is in fighting mode again, and we remember how that went last month. But according to The Wall Street Journal, it might not be the only big shift in her team and strategy. Harold Ickes, who has been a longtime Clinton helper, might also get an “expanded role.”