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Paul Broun

  1. 2020 elections
    GOP Extremists Advance Toward CongressOne runoff qualifier, Matt Gurtler, is out there, but another, Marjorie Greene is a QAnon ally and runs ads so violent that Facebook banned one.
  2. 2020 elections
    Georgia Republican Raffles Assault Rifle, Cites ‘Looting Hordes From Atlanta’One hyper-conservative Georgia congressional district shows there’s still a market for ideological extremism, even during a pandemic.
  3. 2020 elections
    Disgraced Former Trump Cabinet Member Wants to Be Appointed to the U.S. SenateTom Price flew his way out of his job as HHS Secretary with travel expenses, but is applying for an open Senate seat.
  4. 2020 elections
    So You Want to Be a U.S. Senator?Georgia governor Brian Kemp has thrown open the door to anybody who wants to apply to fill the seat Johnny Isakson is giving up at year’s end.
  5. vision 2020
    Franklin Graham Tells Buttigieg to ‘Repent’ Being GayThe president’s good friend thinks he knows more about Pete Buttigieg’s sexual orientation than Mayor Pete’s creator.
  6. early and often
    Georgia Down-ballot Primary PreviewOne — Paul Broun — called evolution “lies from the pit of hell.”
  7. animal killers
    Let’s Remember the Former Georgia Congressman Who Killed and Ate a LionPaul Broun did a bad thing.
  8. it’s science
    Charles Darwin Gets 4,000 Votes in Georgia Congressional RaceA protest against one congressman’s stand against evolution.
  9. early and awful
    Congressman Has Interesting Answer to Question, ‘Who Is Going to Shoot Obama?’One that does not involve any suggestion that killing the president would be a horrible thing.
  10. united we sit
    Georgia Congressman Paul Broun Tweeted This During the State of the Union“You don’t believe in the Constitution.”