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  1. politics
    Greene and Gosar Won’t Be Punished for Hanging With White NationalistsHouse GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy even promised to restore the extremists’ committee assignments if Republicans win back the House.
  2. politics
    Paul Gosar, the MAGA Dentist, Promotes Fluoride Conspiracy TheoriesThe Arizona representative once crusaded for the fluoridation of public water. Now, he’s peddling debunked claims about its dangers.
  3. politics
    Kevin McCarthy Determined Not to Go the Way of Cantor and BoehnerAfter witnessing the fate of former House GOP leaders, McCarthy is not about to annoy extremists in the House by bashing Paul Gosar.
  4. politics
    It Took Mock Killing AOC for Paul Gosar to Finally Get PunishedThe Republican has palled around with white nationalists and fomented insurrection, but he was finally censured after going one tweet over the line.
  5. politics
    Democrats Want to Censure Paul Gosar for Anime in Which He Kills AOCLawmakers are filing a formal resolution to censure Gosar for posting a clip in which his face is imposed on a character who kills Ocasio-Cortez.
  6. politics
    Why Republicans Condemn Marjorie Taylor Greene, But Not Paul GosarOne believes in Jewish space lasers. The other is friends with a Holocaust denier.
  7. the national interest
    Congressman Paul Gosar Recruits Holocaust Deniers Into the Republican PartyA Republican with a plan to extend the party’s rightward edge.
  8. jeffrey epstein
    Republican Congressman Hides ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’ Meme in 23 TweetsThe first letter of 23 tweets Gosar sent Wednesday spelled out the popular conspiracy meme.
  9. michael cohen testimony
    GOP Strategy: Call Cohen a Liar, Don’t Rebut His Specific Claims About TrumpHouse Oversight Committee Republicans just want to attack Cohen’s credibility, and act like everything he says is part of a “Democrat” witch hunt.
  10. paul gosar
    GOP Representative Says ‘Stalin Would be Proud’ of Siblings Who Denounced HimThat “no-politics” rule might be difficult to enforce at Thanksgiving this year.
  11. Steve Bannon’s Dubious Plan to Purge Senate RepublicansIt’s hard to tell whether it’s just talk or a real threat.
  12. the national interest
    GOP Congressman: Liberals Secretly Created Charlottesville Nazi RallyThe Republican Party’s openly stark-raving-bonkers wing has a new member.