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  1. the national interest
    Today in ‘Paul Krugman Is Definitely Not Arguing With David Brooks’Feel the hatred.
  2. the national interest
    Today in ‘Paul Krugman Is Definitely Not Arguing With David Brooks’America’s greatest forum of passive-aggressive intellectual debate.
  3. the national interest
    Debt Scolds Sorry-Not-Sorry for Making the Recession WorseHistorical revisionism time.
  4. the national interest
    Today in ‘Paul Krugman Is Definitely Not Arguing With David Brooks’The world’s most awkward debate continues.
  5. Why Paul Krugman Turned Against Nate SilverThe roots of the greatest nerd war ever.
  6. Paul Krugman Isn’t on Twitter Because He Can’t Control His Inner Demons He’s just the latest ‘Times’ writer to explain why he doesn’t like Twitter. 
  7. fi-cri nostalgia
    Wall Street’s ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ Are Back, But Don’t Panic YetIt’s different this time! Maybe!
  8. the national interest
    Jon Stewart Hits Back at Paul Krugman on CoinSpoiler: The economist is the one who’s right.
  9. twitter wars
    Cory Booker, Paul Krugman, and Rand Paul Had a Twitter Contest On ABC’s This Week. 
  10. ink-stained wretches
    Niall Ferguson Smacked Down Over Another Questionable Newsweek CoverDoes Tina Brown even care?
  11. don’t mess with the es(tonia)
    Estonian Commoners Prove Shockingly Aware of Economic Twitter FeudsPaul Krugman: huge in Estonia.
  12. how tweet it is
    Estonia’s President Wants Y’all to ChillTwitter worlds collide, again.
  13. the national interest
    Would President Romney Embrace Stimulus?Actually, yes, he probably would.
  14. the national interest
    The Chart That Proves the Stimulus Was Never TriedWhy Paul Ryan should be pleased.
  15. krugmania
    Cats, Music Videos, Flame Wars: Paul Krugman Is Very, Very BloggyFor better and for worse.
  16. the internet
    Paul Krugman Kind of Pissed That People Keep Impersonating Him OnlineHe DOES NOT wish the earthquake had been worse.
  17. mortgage mess
    If You Owe More on Your House Than It’s Worth (and Live in Ireland), You May Be in LuckGovernment there plans to pay off some mortgage debt … should we do the same?
  18. debt ceiling
    The Doomsday Clock: Frank Rich and Adam Moss Relive the Debt-Ceiling Countdown“Are you as dejected as I am? Can you say something to make me feel better?”
  19. eye of newt
    Newt Gingrich Claims President Obama Has Had a ‘Paul Krugman Presidency’Then why is Paul Krugman one Obama-capitulation away from taking a toaster bath?
  20. important ceilings
    Paul Krugman Is Coping With the Debt Deal Like Teenagers Cope With a BreakupThere will be other debt deals, Paul. They will probably break your heart, too, though.
  21. media
    Study: Paul Krugman Is America’s Most Correct ColumnistMaureen Dowd’s not bad, either.
  22. famous nerds
    Historian Niall Ferguson Hates Being Around PeopleExcept for when he’s in the meatpacking district.
  23. nerd fights
    Niall Ferguson vs. Paul Krugman, Round 347“I’ve got history on my side, and he’s got an economic model from 1936. And we’ll see who was right.”
  24. melancolumnists
    Paul Krugman Is So Depressed He Can’t Even Put on a Tie Properly“I felt like a really lonely voice.”
  25. the greatest depression
    Stock Market Suffers Crisis of ConfidenceWe’re afraid of everything, including our own fear.
  26. great performances
    Paul Krugman’s Cameo in Get Him to the GreekSee the performance people are raving about.
  27. nerd fights
    Andrew Ross Sorkin Responds to Paul Krugman’s ChallengeSorkin’s not going down without a fight.
  28. ink-stained wretches
    Paul Krugman Forgot That He’s Cousins With David FrumThe Bush speechwriter and liberal economist are much alike.
  29. the private lives of american intellectuals
    Paul Krugman Has Learned to Not Blow-Dry His Underwear“Long ago, in Tel Aviv, his roommates found him attempting to dry his underwear in a frying pan.”
  30. highbrow despicable
    Niall Ferguson Leaves Wife for Somali IntellectualWhy? Two words: fatwa sex.
  31. ink-stained wretches
    Barack Obama Has Almost Lost Paul KrugmanThe unabashed big-government liberal is ready to throw in the towel on Obama’s presidency.
  32. web wedgies
    Two GrinchesEcono-enemies Niall Ferguson and Paul Krugman agree on at least one thing: We’re screwed.
  33. makeovers
    Miuccia Prada Would Prefer to Dress ‘Intellectuals’ This SeasonThis is wonderful news!
  34. brainiacs
    Paul Krugman: ‘The End of the World Has Been Postponed’The economist concedes that the sky is not falling — yet.
  35. web wedgies
    Paul Krugman vs. Niall FergusonHow a fight between the nation’s most prominent economist and a Scottish historian devolved into bitchy name-calling.
  36. out of the mouths of babes
    Lydia Hearst Calls for an End to the Cycle of BlameThe heiress says what Barack Obama should have said ages ago.
  37. the greatest depression
    Financial-Revamp Plan Flummoxes Punditocracy“YHTMAAAIYP” was Paul Krugman’s initial reaction to the five-point plan to regulate the system.
  38. ink-stained wretches
    Apocalypse Postponed: Obama Diplomacy Fixes Krugman ProblemPerhaps talking to your enemies really can change their hearts.
  39. ink-stained wretches
    Paul Krugman and the ‘Magazine Cover Curse’Is Paul Krugman having a crisis of confidence?
  40. the downturnaround
    In Which the Downturnaround Is Tested and Keeps Its FaithTimes are dark, but today, a Saint brought us into the economic light.
  41. geniuses
    Paul Krugman Challenged to Nerdiest Bet EverHarvard economist Greg Mankiw wants Krugman to put some of that sweet Nobel Prize money on the line.
  42. the man behind the curtain
    Buy Paul Krugman Some Shamanic MusicThe Nobel Prize–winning economist’s Amazon wish list reveals much about the Krugman household.
  43. the downturnaround
    Paul Krugman and David Brooks Disagree on the DownturnaroundThe ‘Times’ columnists duel, using metaphors as weapons.
  44. the greatest depression
    Times Columnists in Smackdown!Somebody had to separate these two Goliaths of the op-ed page.
  45. Congressman Conyers Opposes Sanjay Gupta, Bestows Peace Prize on Paul KrugmanWhat a busy year for Paul Krugman.
  46. the greatest depression
    Victims of Economy Include EconomistsWhich seems fair.
  47. geniuses
    Paul Krugman Wins Nobel Prize for EconomicsThe ‘Times’ columnist wins laurels for his work on international trade and economic geography.
  48. intel
    Ben Stein Thinks Paul Krugman Probably Just Has Low Self-EsteemThis morning, we told you about the various reactions in the blogosphere to Ben Stein’s column in the Times business section this weekend, about what he perceived as opportunistic fear-mongering at Goldman Sachs. The piece, which included a dig at “economic journalists and commentators who sell newsprint by selling fear,” touched a nerve with a few journalists, among them Stein’s New York Times stablemate Paul Krugman, whose current column announces that the financial crisis is “back with a vengeance” and heralding the “breakdown of our modern-day banking system.” Like a mean girl on MySpace, Krugman wrote a narky snippet about Stein’s piece on his Times blog, but Stein says the sticks and stones cannot break his bones. “It is hardly to be expected that I could question an institution as powerful as Goldman Sachs and not get some response,” Stein told Daily Intel. “As to Paul Krugman, I don’t like to deal with people so full of hate. His recent piece on [Milton] Friedman [in the New York Review of Books] was so thoroughly debunked by Anna Schwartz that I would well imagine he’s not happy.” To make matters more interesting, Stein’s piece and Krugman’s column have been duking it out on the Times Most-Emailed list all morning long. At the time of this writing, Krugman is at three, and Stein is at four. Who will win the battle of the economist nerds? “It’s Christmastime,” Stein tells us beatifically. “I wish everyone peace.” Earlier: Ben Stein Takes on Goldman Sachs, Internet Goes For Stein’s Sack
  49. white men with money
    Ben Stein Takes On Goldman Sachs, Internet Goes for Stein’s SackEr, maybe Ben Stein should stick to giving models math quizzes? After his op-ed on Goldman Sachs appeared in Times yesterday, his colleagues in economics seem rather determined to push him off the playground. In the piece, which appeared on the front page of the business section, Stein dismissed a report from current Wall Street golden child Goldman Sachs, in which Goldman economist Jan Hatzius postulates the subprime mess will affect lending so much, home prices will drop by 15 percent, making way for the economy to stagnate, if not completely collapse. Stein’s argument was that this is unlikely to happen, because the Fed would step in and give lenders liquidity. Then he took his skepticism one step further, alleging that Hatzius, guided by the “invisible government of Goldman,” was “selling fear” in order to promote the bank’s trading policies, which include collaterized mortgage obligations, and that they should probably be investigated for less-than-sterling conduct. In response, the Internet went bananas.